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So, you’d like to learn more about my B2B copywriting? Great.

From machinery to management services, I help businesses communicate better with other businesses – be it their customers or prospects. What that actually looks like depends very much on you and where you’re at.

Typically, I’ll work directly with business owners and directors. But, I also add value for marketing teams with too much on their plate (and not the right balance of skills in-house)

With over 20 years of marketing and business copywriting under my belt, I can help you work out how to go forward, before getting stuck in.


She quickly drilled down to why I do what I do and who I want to work with. For my part it was pretty effortless, and to be honest, quite an eye opener as the questions she asked helped me get clear about my target audience too.

- Jackie Casey - Jackie Casey Consulting -

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From clarity to productive B2B copywriting

Many clients welcome my customer insight projects, which help you understand your customers better and clarify what they actually value about you. Effective communication focuses on the customer, first and foremost. But with any luck, you know that.

You might be after regular support or have an ad hoc project in mind. I’m happy to help you, either way.

That’s the beauty of having an experienced freelance business copywriting resource up your sleeve. It can be a huge weight off your mind, not to mention a positive step forward for your business.

Much of my copywriting revolves around website copy, customer stories, articles, and emails. If this isn’t what you need right now, do get in touch as I might still be able to help you, or know someone who can.


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