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Freelance copywriter at your service

Let’s be honest. Everyone can write. But creating copy to build your business is tough.

It’s so easy to become stuck with a muddled message. Your words, quite frankly, filling space. If your customers aren’t reading them (or ‘getting it’), what’s the point? 

I’m Anna Metcalfe. Writing ‘stuff’ that works is my thing. It’ll ease your headache and shine a light on your business value. I’m a time-served B2B copywriter, writing customer-focused copy about everything from fire hoses to finance software. Shall we talk?

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Anna Metcalfe | Freelance Copywriter | B2B | Worcestershire

Thank you for sending the first draft across. I'm really happy with it - you really are an amazing copywriter! This is exactly what I had in mind.

- Michaela Hardulakova - CityDoc Medical Ltd --

How do we start?

If you’re here, you probably need a freelance copywriter. Perhaps you’ve even narrowed it down to a B2B copywriter. Great, that’s two big ticks for me.

But how does this work? Having someone write your copy might seem a bit airy fairy when it’s actually quite straight forward (and beneficial) with the right partner. In fact, it’s as easy as 1-2-3: you get in touch, I carry out the work, you receive your copy.

That might seem a little brief, so if you click on ‘learn more’ you’ll find a helpful page that fully explains my copywriting process, step by step.

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Anna Metcalfe | Freelance Copywriter | B2B | Worcestershire

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