How outsourced marketing helps you


You’re busy. You need help. You don’t have the resources in-house. No problem – you sound like just the client for me.

My involvement makes your life easier. You can rely on me; just like my many clients do. I listen to your situation and we craft a plan that suits your specific marketing and copywriting needs. It’s as simple as that. Does it need to be more complicated?

Outsourced marketing services that fits your needs

There’s no package to buy into; there’s no minimum spend (or maximum for that matter!) I provide a freelance marketing service that’s ideal for a specific project, or as weekly or monthly help. Crank it up and down as required; marketing support like this is as flexible as you need it to be.

I love what I do, and I think it shows. I’ve worked in marketing for more than 20 years. I’ve been a marketing manager with not enough hours in the day – I know how that feels. And I’ve helped many managers and MDs find more space for their role, whilst progressing the marketing and communication work that’s required.

I create happier clients. Could that be you?

My experience and qualifications leave me with plenty to draw on when helping you to perfect your marketing prowess. As for copywriting – just give me the challenge and I’ll show you the results!

“You can always rely on her to do the job well; on time, every time.”

- Marketing Manager, Norseland Ltd -

A productive partnership, giving you results

People work with people. So, consider both experience and character when you’re looking for outsourced marketing services. Could we work together? Let’s chat and you’ll learn more. If it helps, my clients tend to be clients for a long time and I consider many as friends first, clients second.

Having worked across a varied range of industries - from confectionery, cheese and construction timber to fire safety, hotels and IT – I work directly with businesses on extremely varied marketing briefs in addition to agencies that require specific skills; most notably copywriting.


More about Anna Metcalfe

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Let me briefly tell you more about me as a person. As for my qualifications, experience and recommendations, you’ll find it all on Linked In. Do send me a message if you view my profile.

I’m a happy, practical and down-to-earth soul with a deep sense of loyalty to my family, my friends and my clients. I love to get stuck in. I don’t just talk; I do. This can be a great advantage when marketing and copywriting – yet a frustration for my family at times!

My experience (to date) has left me with a seasoned approach to marketing. I believe that it should rightly combine both timeless and modern techniques and tools – your route should be specific to your business. Don’t just follow the herd without thought. Why not read some of my musings in recent Insights posts?

It’s certainly not all work and no play for me. Enjoying a rural life, I love the outdoors, generally accompanied by a couple of dogs. I’d choose a hill over the seaside and a good meal over a big night out.

My passion? That has to be dog agility. It’s utterly addictive once you start. And impossible to perfect; but I’ll never stop trying.

What’s in the name?

I’d love to give you a great, long-winded story about why my company is called Cantaloupe. It would surely add something to the sparkle of it all. But the honest answer is always the best one; I like the fruit and the word is nice to say. Try it. I always smile when I hear myself saying it aloud. As you’ll know, the name is actually not that important, it’s how you market the business that counts and hopefully you’ll let me discuss that possibility for your own “Cantaloupe”.

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