When you’re feeling dis'content'ed

Your existing content could be out of touch or non-existent. Perhaps it’s STILL at concept stage. Either way, you’re missing out on the benefits of customer-centric content that helps to move your dial. 

Marketing teams often juggle all the things. And content marketing can feel like such a beast to conquer. What should we write about? Who’s going to write it? 

Don’t suffer in silence because you’re not alone. Let me give you a leg up.



Anna is incredibly astute, and quickly grasps the objectives of what needs to be achieved. But not only that, she takes time to learn the industry and business very quickly.

- Alison Chappell - Infomill Ltd -

What if...

You had a bunch of customer stories that connected with your target audience.

You had a constant stream of engaging articles to nurture your prospects and build your profile.

That dream eBook or whitepaper was a real thing, ready to attract new prospects. 

This (and more) becomes a reality when you work with me. We start where you’re at and build from there. 

Oh, and since you asked, (you did, didn’t you?) my niche is B2B, especially SaaS and technology. Why? Because I love helping clients cut through the jargon in plain English and highlight the outcome their target audience craves.



Anna Metcalfe? Hello, that’s me

Anna Metcalfe 2.jpg

Behind the melon business name is me – the person who can make your written content desires come true.

Like most writers, I never set out to be one. At school I wanted to be a train driver (yeah, I know), then a teacher. Fast forward to university... I’m not sure how many train drivers have marketing degrees...

And so, I ended up marketing cheese. Stilton, in the main. Lots of tasting, lots of encouraging others to taste, and lots of dodging the fact I don’t like blue cheese (I’m a Cheddar girl at heart).

When we weren’t tasting, I wrote words. And this, I did like. A lot.

Before long, I’d chosen my own path helping businesses improve their marketing communication. Always with a healthy dose of words. Copy and content are crucial to every business – whatever size, shape, or genre.

That was back in 2000. Since then, my experience has racked up, as has my learning. You never stop, do you? I perfected new techniques, unraveled psychology, and honed my writing craft. 

These days, I write in the world of B2B, with SaaS and technology familiar spaces.

5 things you should know about me…

  • Give me a spare hour and I’ll be on a hill
  • I believe everything can be painted
  • My home must have a dog in it (and does, she's fab)
  • I used to have a northern accent
  • I hate being late. I also hate being early

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