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So, you’ve realised your copy’s not up to scratch. And you’ve heard how effective good copy can be. You’re in the right place for a chat.

I’d wager you’ll relate to one of these scenarios:

  • You’re busy running your business. You don’t have a ‘marketing person’ and nobody has the experience to write. Plus, you’re not sure where to start. But start, you must.
  • You’ve learned how the right copy can help you grow. You know what you want to achieve now, but you sure as hell can’t do it on your own!
  • You’re a marketing manager running flat out (I’ve been there). Not enough hours and all that. You know it would be a smart move to find a freelance UK copywriter.

Many businesses have great products, but if your message is muddled, you’re missing the point. You may as well be chucking your words into the nearest wheelie bin.

Now’s the time to take a deep breath and start as you mean to go on.

Anna is incredibly astute, and quickly grasps the objectives of what needs to be achieved. But not only that, she takes time to learn the industry and business very quickly.

- Alison Chappell - Infomill Ltd -

Copywriting services that work with you

Since 2000, I’ve helped countless lovely clients with their copywriting (and marketing). They’ve relied on me to help them understand their customers and deliver relevant brand messaging in words that’ll engage and motivate the right audience.

Is it time I helped you too?

Together, we’ll make step changes - perfect your voice, develop your web copy, and improve your content. You’ll stand out in your business sector. You’ll be noticed for the right reasons.

Just imagine, with my help you could:

  • Be proud of a refreshed website with new copy that spoke clearly to your audience
  • Showcase a bunch of compelling customer stories, written in their words, not yours
  • Benefit from high-quality articles to build your media profile and shorten your sales funnel

Of course, every business has to start somewhere. One step at a time. But looking forward, working with a capable freelance copywriter will reap rewards.

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Anna Metcalfe? Hello, that’s me

When you need copywriting services, know who’s inside the tin (so to speak). Find someone you can trust and get on with.

Cantaloupe is my beloved business. I’m behind the silly name - you’ll be working with me. So, let me tell you a little more.

Anna Metcalfe 2.jpg

I never set out to be a copywriter. I wanted to be a train driver at six years old and a teacher by 12. But circumstances overtook me (my trainset gathered dust). One marketing degree and CIM Diploma later, I had a whole different perspective.

My leap into self-employment came in 2000. I loved the freedom, and it turned out, I wasn’t bad at it. Clients kept coming and, over the years, my broad marketing services evolved into copywriting - digital and offline.

So here I am. A UK copywriter, born and bred in many English beauty spots, loving how I can make a difference to even the most boring product or service (try me!) Grounded and practical, my specialism has become B2B copywriting. Give me fire safety parts or pricey machinery and I’ll make it shine.

For more than 20 years, I’ve worked in loads of different business sectors (software, wholesale, timber, professional services, and more) and I’ve perfected my ability to *get it*. Give me the strangest B2B product or service and I’ll find its relevance and value to the right people. Your kind of people.

I enjoy my work, and it shows. An income, yes. A career, yes. But also, a way of life where I meet lots of interesting people and get involved in many fascinating projects. 

Shall we talk about your project now? 

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