My (rough) fees

Want a rough idea of my fees. No problem. Transparency helps us both. But please don't choose your writing partner on price alone; it's never a satisfying outcome. Consider the nature of your project and the skills you need, too.

Generally, you get what you pay for.

On understanding your project I give you a firm quote. In the meantime, my ballparks will help you decide if I’m a potential writer for you. Freelance copywriting fees vary based on experience and skills.

Should my ballpark fees align with your expectations, please get in touch. Tell me about your business and discover how I can draw on over two decades of experience to help you shine brighter. 

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Customer stories

Your stories will support your marketing for years. What’s a new customer worth to you?

Ask me to create one story (from £900.00+VAT) or opt for a StoryMore package and fill your toolbox with juicy story assets. You'll make 10x more impact with every story created.

Should you have specific requirements, let’s talk.

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Article writing

Articles can vary in size, complexity, and research required. I typically create 1,000-word+ articles that support B2B clients nurture their sales funnel or build authority.

My fees start at £725.00 (+VAT) depending on the research and conversations required to create the article. Should you have bespoke needs, ask me for a quote.

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eBook writing

eBook word counts vary, as can research requirements. To write a 2,000-2,500-word eBook, including a modest amount of research, my fees start at £1,900+VAT. 

Doing what it takes to create every ounce of copy for your eBook, I'm with you whether it's 2,000 words or 12,000.

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Customer insight

Fully understanding what your customers value about your business and the type of language they use is incredibly powerful. It’s the ideal starting place to write effective business copy.

In some ways, I can cut the project to suit your budget and the resources available for me to work with. A small amount of insight is better than none at all.

That said, there’s a minimum level of work to ensure you get some meaningful results.

My fee for a customer insight project is from £1,200.00 (+VAT). This can rise depending on the level of work required.

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