How much does it cost to hire a copywriter?

When you’re ready to hire a copywriter, you’ll want a rough idea of how much it will cost.

Freelance copywriting prices vary enormously due to many factors such as the nature of your project and the experience of the copywriter.

Generally, you get what you pay for.

Whilst I can only give you a firm price on fully understanding your project, my rough indications should give you a better idea. It’ll also help you decide if I’m the right B2B copywriter for you. But please don't choose your writing partner based on price alone; it's never a satisfying outcome.

If you think you might want to hire me as your copywriter, let’s chat by email, phone or Zoom. Tell me more about your business and learn about the business sectors I’ve worked in over the last 20 years.

There’s nothing better than a proper conversation to help you decide. 

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Website copy

Whether you need to refresh some of your copy or create it from scratch, I can help.

Copy for a single web page starts from £225.00 (+VAT), but I generally price for the project, including any discovery work or research that’s required.

Expect to pay from £1,800.00 for a six-page project, including a modest amount of discovery.

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Customer stories

Your stories will work hard for years, across many areas of marketing. What’s a new customer worth to you?

You can read about my process on my customer stories page. I charge £785.00 (+VAT) to project manage the creation of one story.

Should your requirements deviate from this method, let’s talk and I’ll provide a quote for you.

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Article writing

Articles can vary in size, complexity and research required. Here are a couple of scenarios.

An (up to) 1,000-word article created from rough content supplied (or 30-minute call) would cost from £390.00 (+VAT). Additional research (or longer calls) would incur a further charge, based on the time required.

A long-form (for example up to 1,600 words) document to use as an informative download or optimised blog would cost from £565.00 (+VAT) written from rough content supplied. Again, calls and research to discover in-depth content would be charged additionally.

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Valuable emails can help to build your relationship with prospects and existing customers.

A text email, up to 300 words long, would cost from £250.00 (+VAT). This would be from rough content supplied (or a 30-minute call). Should your requirements differ, or if substantial research is required prior to writing, your fee will be higher.

If you need a series of emails (and I can create them altogether), I’d price this as one project. For example, a series of five emails would be priced from £215.00 (+VAT) per email (£1,075.00 for five) plus any research.

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Customer insight

Fully understanding what your customers value about your business and the type of language they use is incredibly powerful. It’s the ideal starting place to write effective business copy.

In some ways, I can cut the project to suit your budget and the resources available for me to work with. A small amount of insight is better than none at all.

That said, there’s a minimum level of work to ensure you get some meaningful results.

My pricing for a customer insight project is from £995.00 (+VAT). This can rise depending on the level of work required.

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