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Customer stories (and StoryMore)

Customer stories can increase your conversion rates by up to 20%*

Why? Because they help you sell more (without selling). We trust first-hand stories from other people – far more than your sales spiel.  

One customer success story can help return tens (even hundreds) of thousands in new business.

Your challenge is to create your customers' stories and use them well. That takes time you don’t have and know-how you wish you did. Savvy businesses rely on people like me to create an ongoing stream of customer stories (and assets), month after month.

“Working with Anna has been a breath of fresh air! She understood our (rather niche) business very quickly and has delivered some outstanding customer stories that have gone on to move many opportunities in the right direction. "

- Alisa McPhail – Head of Marketing – Xelix -

Get your engaging customer story

Start where you need to. When you simply want the project managed and the words delivered, I'm ready to take the hassle off your plate. And by involving an "outsider" you'll get far more insight than you bargained for. 

Using my typical process I charge £900.00 (+VAT) per story. This includes project management from start to finish. You’ll receive your 1,000 to 1,500-word story in a Word document. 


Make more impact with StoryMore

You can ask me to create your customer stories. You can also ask me to create a toolbox of assets for each one. StoryMore helps you achieve more impact with your clients’ stories.

One story + StoryMore = more assets + more impact. All without hassle and drain on your time.

Choose what you need, then let’s crack on. 

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StoryMore Essential

Get your customer story plus crucial copy to promote it.

  1. Full project management (customer liaison, story creation, revisions, approval)
  2. 1,000 to 1,500-word customer story
  3. 300-word summary story (great for sales pitches)
  4. Three pull-out quotes (use throughout your marketing materials)
  5. LinkedIn post copy

£1,320.00 (+VAT)


StoryMore Pro.png

StoryMore Pro

Return more from your story with copy, artwork, and audio snippets.

  1. Full project management (customer liaison, story creation, revisions, approval)
  2. 1,000 to 1,500-word customer story
  3. 300-word summary story (one-page branded artwork)
  4. Three pull-out quotes
  5. LinkedIn post copy
  6. Branded story PDF1 (use as a lead magnet or sales tool) 
  7. Two branded audio snippets2 (use on your website or social media)    

£1,950.00 (+VAT)


StoryMore Ultimate.png

StoryMore Ultimate

The whole shebang. Maximum return from your story.

  1. Full project management (customer liaison, story creation, revisions, approval)
  2. 1,000 to 1,500-word customer story
  3. 300-word summary story (one-page branded artwork)
  4. Three pull-out quotes (one-page branded artwork x 3)
  5. LinkedIn post copy
  6. Branded story PDF1 
  7. Two branded audio snippets2 
  8. LinkedIn ‘carousel’ PDF3 (make a splash)
  9. Edited audio summary4 (enrich your website or podcast)

 £2,370.00 (+VAT)


*** See customer story (and StoryMore asset) examples  ***



Fancy pick ‘n’ mix?

We’re a fussy lot. So, if my StoryMore packages don’t fit what you need, let’s chat and create a custom choice of assets to suit your business.  

Need loads of stories?

Great. I'm happy to help. Let's plan how we go forward.


 1 Artwork will align with your brand guidelines. To include logo, customer headshot, up to two images, feature quotes, call to action, contact details.

2 Artwork will align with your brand guidelines. Each one will be up to one minute long.

3 To include key messages and customer quotes. Up to 8 slides. Artwork will align with your brand guidelines.

4 Artwork will align with your brand guidelines. Up to 25 minutes long. For an additional fee, a voiceover artist can present your customer’s words.

*Forrester Research  

"She’s really brought them to life, pulling out the unique story and customer journey for each client. Her professionalism with our clients is excellent, as is her ability to put them at ease, meaning we get an even better story out of it.”

- Laura Maidment – Marketing Manager – Coyote Software -
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How I create your customer stories (and StoryMore assets)

#1 Proposal

We first confirm what you need. My service always includes project management from start to finish. That means less hassle for you.

#2 Hand over your customer 

For each story (and I’m happy to start with one), I need an approved customer contact. By that, I mean you've contacted them to confirm they’re happy to get involved. Not sure how to do this? Read my article (Creating customer stories - how to get them to say "yes") or let me guide you.

I also need a brief backstory from you. For example: What did they buy? Where were they at? How long have they been a customer? What have they achieved? I’ll supply you with a short list of questions to achieve this. 

#3 I contact your customer 

Sit back while I get on with the project. I contact your customer and arrange a convenient time for a 45-minute(ish) call. We chat about what was going on in their business when they called on your services and how your product/service has helped them achieve their goals. I record the call to help enrich the story. This also enables audio assets, should you choose the Pro or Ultimate package.

#4 I create your customer's story

Call completed, I now plan and write your customer’s story. You receive a draft for review (usually within ten days of the call). Then, your customer feeds back on the story too.

#5 Managing the approval process

All my fees include one set of revisions from yourself and another from your customer. I liaise with both of you to ensure everyone’s happy. If your customer works for a big organisation, they might need to liaise with their press office or marketing team. No problem, it's all part of my service.

#6 Your customer story is ready to showcase

Delivered in a Word document, you can start showcasing your new story straight away. When you’ve chosen StoryMore, I collaborate with a trusted graphic designer and podcast editor to create your additional assets within two weeks of customer story approval. Then you're ready to shout from the rooftops. And remember: client success stories support your sales and marketing for years. So, don't fall into the trap of promoting them once and forgetting them.


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 Questions you might have

Why do you say customer story, not case study?

Because there's a distinct difference in my opinion. And customer stories deserve to be showcased as the better option today.

Customer stories share how your customer solved their problem or achieved their goal using your product. Narrated using a story structure, your customer is firmly at the centre, readily commenting in their own words.

Case studies provide little first-hand insight on your customer’s journey. A sentence or two at best. They often rely on a ‘challenge, solution, results’ structure and focus more on your product than your customer.

Here’s the thing: your prospective customers trust what your customers have to say far more than what you say. So why not lean into this?

Read more in my article: Customer story or case study? Why the difference impacts your conversion rate

How do I get my customer to say "yes" they'll do this?

When you ask in the right way, customers see the value in creating their story. Many welcome the opportunity to talk about themselves and their experience.

Start with the right mindset (you're not "asking a favour") and a well-crafted email.

My article - Creating customer stories - how to get them to say "yes" - provides practical advice AND an email template.

Explain the process clearly and reassure them you only need around 45 minutes of their time. Highlight how they might benefit from the story and tell them they have final approval.

Basically... read my article.

How long will it take you to create each story?

This depends on my availability and your customer's. From having an in-depth call with your customer, I aim to create the draft story within ten days. You review this and then it goes to your customer for their feedback and approval. I ask them to respond within a week. Most do, but should delays occur, I'll keep chasing. So, when all parties respond promptly, expect an approved customer success story within three to four weeks of my call with your customer.

How can I use my customer stories?

They’re such an engaging read, you’ll want to use them everywhere you can. Here’s a list of ideas:

  • Put them on your website in their own section. Make sure you link to them from various areas of your website
  • Promote them across your social media, perhaps tagging the customer so they can comment on your post
  • Showcase them via your email list
  • Create flyers or PDFs that your sales team can use
  • Use them at shows and events
  • Create a 'customer story book'
  • Ask your trade press if they’d like to use the stories in editorial
  • Show them to your suppliers
  • Show them to other customers
  • Make sure your entire team sees them - they boost morale

How many customer stories do I need?

There’s no perfect number and it depends on your budget. Three would serve you well in the short term, but many businesses have at least double figures and keep building their library over time. Customer success stories have a long shelf life and you can repurpose them in so many ways. 

You might also want to create stories around different products or sectors of your business. Or different customer types. This is something we can chat about.

Can’t I just get some shorter testimonials?

There’s a place for testimonials. But they’re not as powerful as absorbing the reader in a success story from your client's perspective. The story helps them to imagine what it would be like to buy from you or work with you. It helps them see the value of choosing you to solve the problem they have.

Also, my clients gain short quotes and brief testimonials from reworking aspects of their customer stories. A bonus that’s easy to achieve.

Do we really have to involve my customer? Can’t I just give you the detail?

Not if you want all the benefits of a customer story. You see, the reader will relate to the emotion and the language that your customer uses. It’s far more believable than you saying: “Mr Jones was delighted when he purchased our widgets…”