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SaaS and technology content writer

I get it.

You do incredible things but struggle to explain this to an often non-tech audience. Riddled with jargon and complex processes, B2B SaaS and technology can baffle ‘outsiders’.

Written in plain English, quality content helps you reinforce your value and build trust quickly. And yet, many marketing teams lack the time or know-how to achieve this.

As a B2B SaaS content writer (and anything tech), I help businesses like yours shine bright. Your target audience will discover how you can help them reach their goals and why you’re the supplier to believe in. All from your engaging and valuable content.

Crucially, your sales funnel shortens as customers convert faster.

 Want content that moves your dial faster?

She understood our (rather niche) business very quickly and delivered some outstanding customer stories that went on to move many opportunities in the right direction.

- Alisa McPhail - Xelix -

Perfecting your SaaS content marketing

SaaS content marketing works better when you take a customer-centric approach. When you answer their questions and appeal to their challenges.

Your prospective customers want to achieve an outcome. And they want to understand if you can help. Your best content must therefore focus on what they want to learn and what will help them decide. Always in plain English.

As your freelance SaaS content writer, we can firm up your strategy and create assets to achieve exactly this. Relatable customer stories, engaging articles, and motivating eBooks.

Content marketing is ideal for complex SaaS and technology products. So, let’s talk about perfecting yours.

How I help

Starting where you’re at, I become an extension to your content marketing team. Maybe you’d like guidance on what to write about. Or you might have a long ‘to do’ list you’re struggling to progress. Either way, I’m ready to support you at your own pace.

Most of my projects focus on the following content formats. Should your needs differ (whether content or copywriting), please get in touch.

Customer stories

You do amazing stuff and transform businesses. So, draw your prospects closer to you by telling these stories.

Complex businesses thrive when they have a library of customer stories to call on. That’s why I create so many.

Learn more about my customer stories


You have the knowledge. Maybe the ideas. Let’s create some incredible articles.

Answer questions. Tackle hesitations. Discuss trends. Once you have a library of articles, you’ll wonder how you coped without them.

And use them widely. From your website and social media to industry press and sales pitches.

Learn more about my article writing


Perfect for lead magnets, eBooks are increasingly popular as B2B SaaS and tech content. Tackling your topic in depth, they educate your target audience and move them closer to a purchasing decision. All whilst building trust in your brand.

Writing eBooks in-house is hard. So, that’s where I can step in.

She not only understands our business but makes sure she deeply understands what we want to achieve from each piece, which together with her writing skills, means we barely require any amends at all.

- Laura Maidment - Coyote Software -

Ready to talk?

Whatever your B2B SaaS or technology product, discover whether I’m the content writer for you. Let’s arrange a brief call. It could be the breakthrough you’re looking for.