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eBook writing services

Writing eBooks is smart for B2B content marketing. They can generate leads, educate your audience, and nudge conversion. Well-written eBooks are a pleasure to read and deliver time-warranted value.  

But being your own eBook writer is challenging. It eats into your time even if you know how to structure it and create an engaging read.

So, lean on me when you have an eBook to write. Using your brief and my experience we create your perfectly toned B2B eBook.

Anna was amazing to work with, was ‘spot on’ with her content and tone of writing, and immensely accommodating.

- Toby Turner - Holtby Turner -

How it works: eBook writing services

#1 Proposal

You might have a full brief or a rough idea. Tell me what you need to help clarify my scope and fee before we start.

#2 What I need from you

You can provide your research or make it part of my scope. Put me in touch with any experts you want to interview, too. Got a structure in mind for your eBook? A distinct tone of voice? Let me know and I’ll smoothly pick up the reins.

#3 Research

I’ll fill in any research (or interviewing) needs we’ve highlighted, gathering the substance to help write your B2B eBook.

#4 Planning and writing

First, I develop your eBook structure, highlighting key points to cover in each section. It’s important you’re happy with this before I write the copy. From there, I can draft your entire eBook.

#5 Approval

My fee includes up to two sets of revisions. Having written your draft eBook, I’ll ask you for specific feedback and tweak the copy so you’re happy. On approval, you’ll receive the final eBook copy in a Word document.

#6 Typical pricing

eBook word counts vary, as can research requirements. To write a 2,000-2,500-word eBook, including a modest amount of research, my fees start at £1,900 + VAT.


Ready to make your eBook idea a reality?

Questions you might have

What makes the perfect B2B eBook?

As an experienced B2B eBook writer, I’ve seen endless shapes and styles. To create an eBook that’s perfect for your content marketing strategy you must nail the following…

  • Know WHY you’re writing an eBook:
    • What are you aiming to achieve?
    • Who’s your target reader?
    • Where are they in your sales funnel? 
  • Choose a topic that matters to your audience:
    • Will they WANT to read it?
    • What’s the value for them? 
  • Make your eBook easy to read:
    • Use plain English and an engaging voice
    • Have a clear structure with many distinct sections
    • Incorporate graphics, images, and branding

What’s the ideal length for an eBook?

eBooks are rarely less than 2,000 words, and they can be anything up to 12,000. Longer isn’t necessarily better, though. You must write an eBook that fits your needs and delivers the value intended.

How long will it take you to write my eBook?

When I become your B2B eBook writer, we discuss your timeframe and my availability. Once research (including any required interviews) is complete, it usually takes me up to two weeks to create my draft. Clearly, this depends on the word count.

Are eBooks and whitepapers the same thing?

Not to me, but they’re often confused. B2B eBook writing is ideal for mid-funnel education at a top level. They’re easy to read and they avoid complex jargon. Crucially, eBooks help your audience get to grips with topics that influence their buying decisions.

Whitepapers are generally more in-depth. For example, they might cover important research in a specific area. And they’re likely to assume the reader has a greater level of knowledge.

Can you design my eBook as well?

I’m an eBook writer, so I focus on the words. That said, I’ve seen countless published eBooks, so I always write using a structure that suits their design: strong headings (and sub-headings), short sections, break-out areas, and so on.

Should you need a designer to create your final eBook, I know several trusted people and would be happy to refer you.

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