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Good B2B article writers are in demand. Why? Because B2B buyers typically consume 13 pieces of content prior to purchasing.

Your prospective customers want to learn. And by helping them, you win their trust. All before you’ve even spoken to them.

Engaging B2B articles move your target audience through the sales funnel faster. Answering their questions and embracing their challenges, articles help them make the right purchase decision. You.

As your freelance B2B article writer, I’m an extension to your marketing team. And when you’re stuck for ideas, I can help there too. Article creation becomes hassle-free - for you.

High-quality articles support your content marketing for years. Let me chat with your experts and research your topics before creating content your target audience wants to read.

Anna shows great attention and dedication, cares and ensures that what we publish is up to scratch.

- Stuart Wild - Hoge 100 Business Systems Ltd -

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How it works: B2B article writing services

#1 Proposal

I clarify your requirements and confirm my fee before we start.  

#2 What I need from you

You’ll steer me towards people to interview or ideas to research. A top-notch B2B article writer must understand your topic before creating an engaging read. Always with your target audience and objectives in mind.

#3 Planning and writing

Information gathered, I plan and draft your article. Got a distinct tone of voice? Tell me and I'll sound just like you.

#4 Approval

My fee includes up to two sets of revisions. Give me your feedback and I’ll ensure you’re delighted with the final article. Now it’s ready to use as part of your content marketing.

#5 Typical pricing

My fees start at £725.00 (+VAT) depending on the research and conversations required to create your article. I generally write 1,000-word+ articles that nurture your sales funnel and build your brand authority. Should you have bespoke needs, ask me for a quote.

Want a B2B article writer that moves your content marketing dial?

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Questions you might have

How long will it take you to write my B2B articles?

If you have a particular deadline, let me know. Depending on my availability, expect to wait a couple of weeks for your draft copy. Larger article writing projects take longer. Again, we’re always clear at the start.

What if I don’t like the article you write for me?

This is rare. But it does highlight the importance of providing a clear brief. I cannot mindread (yet).

If you're not sure what you need, don't worry, I'll ask plenty of questions. So, please ensure you’re clear before I start.

When you receive your draft article, it’s normal to want some tweaks and revisions. That’s fine, it’s your article. I allow for up to two sets of amendments in my fee and always work hard to ensure you’re happy with the final result.

Do you offer a discount for writing volume articles?

Writing B2B articles takes time. And 10 articles would take 10 times longer than writing one. So, whilst there can be opportunities for a discount, it’s not a given.

Talk to me about your budget at the outset. We might be able to tackle your article needs in a different way so it fits your requirements. 

Do you write short blogs?

If you’re looking for cheap or volume blog writers, that’s not me. If you’re looking for a high-quality B2B article writer, I’m happy to help you. 

Can you just tidy up the article I’ve written?

‘Tidying up’ someone else’s copy is rather like adjusting a pair of trousers that don’t fit properly. It can take as much time as making them from scratch.

Whilst I’m always happy to talk about working from old B2B articles you have, it’s rarely a cheaper option. They can be useful content to draw from, but ‘giving them a bit of a refresh’ is not what I offer.

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