WJ Group

Building profile and awareness in the target market

The Results

  • Heightened reputation across the industry
  • Increased awareness through improved press coverage and relations
  • Increased communication and interaction with prospective customers
  • Improved customer contact between orders

What was the starting point?

Based in Hull, WJ Group provides a variety of services and products to timber businesses, merchants and contractors including timber treatment services and anti-slip decking. The business was trading well but not investing in marketing to enhance customer relations, build its profile and target a broad set of prospective customers across the country. With no marketing resource in-house and little time to focus on it, WJ Group asked Cantaloupe to help them – firstly to determine what to do and secondly, to do it!

We’ve never looked back since we outsourced our marketing to Cantaloupe.

- Managing Director, WJ Group -

What did we do?

An integrated approach was necessary from the outset and work has gradually built up over time as the budget has allowed. Cantaloupe took some time to understand the core market for WJ Group and what its key USPs and marketing messages should be. Working with WJ Group, some key objectives could be established and the beginnings of a marketing plan formed.

One of the first tasks was to create a CRM system and populate it with high quality prospective data to work with, in addition to existing customer data. This system is accessible to many at WJ, in addition to Cantaloupe, allowing for an integrated team effort.

A trade PR plan was drawn up and has effectively developed over time. This was quickly followed with the creation of an email platform and a programme of timely and useful emails to both customers and prospects.

As timber is quite a traditional industry, we were keen to establish a printed newsletter, sent to key customers to be left in their offices.

Social media has been a recent development that we are managing for WJ Group, whilst there has been a significant amount of website development, management and copywriting. All helping to build awareness online.

Finally, trade exhibitions have become an important part of the mix and Cantaloupe not only sets these up for WJ Group, we help to run them too.

All of these activities have been developed at a speed and level to suit the requirements of WJ Group and involving them as necessary. Work is ongoing and plans for 2016 go one step further, building on the successful work already achieved.

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