Rich Products

Undertaking an in-depth customer satisfaction survey

The Results

  • Completed a series of 30 minute bespoke calls with high level buyers
  • Clearly identified areas of satisfaction and opportunities to develop
  • Reinforced the proactive nature of the company to customers
  • Provided a very cost effective outsourced service

What was the starting point?

A manufacturer of bakery products for retail and coffee shop chains, Rich Products approached Anna when its marketing manager chose to move on and there was nobody in-house with the right skills to cover some key marketing projects. The relationship quickly developed and Anna managed and progressed a full marketing schedule, latterly with the help of a newly recruited in-house marketing executive (it took a while for the company to find the right marketing manager to join the team!)

Amongst all of the activity, this American owned company needed to complete a very comprehensive customer satisfaction survey. With the broad question structure coming from the states, it became clear that it could take around 30 minutes per customer – and these were busy buyers for the likes of Starbucks, Pret a Manger, Eat and Waitrose. No small task then!

Able to slot in and take away some of the pressure.

- Marketing Manager, Rich Products -
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What did we do?

Anna took the reins of the project, able to approach the customers as an independent company – not an employee of Rich Products. This can be very effective where customer feedback is concerned, allowing the customer to speak more freely.

The American driven question guide firstly had to be tweaked to suit the UK market. This was not a box ticking exercise, meaningful results were required. Having established around 30 key customer targets (with a view to achieving no less than 20 calls – remember the length of the calls), each customer was sent a carefully worded letter (written by Anna) from Rich Products, introducing the idea that Anna would be calling very shortly.

Given the very busy lives of these high level buyers, Anna had to arrange telephone appointments with many, in order to secure their attention. This might be suited to whilst they were on the train in between meetings or perhaps at a later time in the day to suit their busy schedule. The calls themselves were styled to suit the particular buyer – working with the time available to gain as much meaningful feedback as possible and leaving a positive impression of Rich Products.

On completion of the calls, Anna developed a full report and presentation which she delivered to the directors and key members of the Rich Products team. This information could be used to develop customer relations productively, in addition to making changes within the company – always with the customer at its heart.

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