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“Just give us the copy.” Stop right there! You need a website copywriter.

You might be creating a fabulous new website or refreshing your existing site. Either way, you’ll know you have SECONDS to gain the attention of your reader. Don’t lose their interest due to confusing or dull copy.

Great copy is a wise investment. As more and more businesses Google phrases such as: website content writer, I think the idea is catching on. Even the smallest business can raise their game by engaging the skill of a website copywriter.

Words matter. They can be what converts a prospect into a customer. They can be the difference between ample leads and no leads.

A seasoned writer of web copy will know how to identify the messages of greatest value and interest to your audience. They’ll know how to knit it all together in a way that’s engaging, clear and motivating. It’s the difference between a professional design and something you’ve knocked up in Publisher.

I’ve worked on countless websites and liaised with countless client web agencies. I’ve made a difference to many businesses and can make a difference for you too.

To anyone who thought they could write the content of their website... don't bother. It won't be as good as what Anna can do for you.

- James King - Thrive Insurance -
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How it works: hiring a website copywriter


From your initial contact, we’ll arrange a call by phone or video. Ahead of this, I’ll provide you with my onboarding questions to get us started. After the call, I’ll confirm my pricing, based on your specific requirements.


This stage varies by client. Ultimately, I need to gather everything necessary to write your copy. I might suggest:

  • A call with the business owner or director to understand the background and vision
  • Some ‘customer insight’ work to fully understand your customers and the value you deliver
  • Some basic or detailed keyword analysis (dependent on your requirements)
  • Any further conversations required to gain the content to work from

Planning and writing

I now get to work. This is the bit you expect a website copywriter to do. You’ll receive draft copy in Word documents, ready to review.

My pricing always includes one set of amends. You’ll have time to review all your copy and give me feedback before it’s finally approved.

Going live

You can now supply your web copy to your agency or put it on your website yourself. I’m always on hand to liaise with your agency and check you’re happy with the end result.

Typical pricing

A single web page starts from £165.00 (+VAT), but I generally price for the project, including any discovery work that’s required. Expect to pay from £1,600.00 for an eight-page site, including a modest amount of discovery.


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Questions you might have

Should my web copy be different to brochure copy?

People read website copy very differently to brochure copy. For one, they don’t always read the page left to right. Many scroll and skim too.

You have seconds to draw them in. It’s so easy to click to your competitor instead. From your website content, they must *get it* fast. It should be succinct and easy to read, broken into short paragraphs with good use of sub-headings. Nobody wants to be presented with a raft of dense copy to digest.

Of course, when it comes to online articles, there’s a distinct difference. Should you need help with that, check out my article writing services.


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How much copy should be on each web page?

There’s actually no right or wrong answer to this. The most important thing is to ensure your reader gains what they need from each page or sees where they can go next to learn more.

Yes, Google needs to understand what the page is about, but don’t let that overshadow clear messaging and not overwhelming your reader. Write for your reader first. Always.

Think in terms of quality, not quantity. A typical, high-level page might need just 200 words, or perhaps up to 700. Any more and your message could be too long and confusing for that page. Further pages on your website might create a better experience for your reader.

Of course, blogs can be much longer, and some businesses require long sales pages. There are always exceptions. Your website copywriter will guide you.


Should my web copy be optimised?

If you’re focusing on better Google rankings, keywords matter. You might feel that the content written on every page of your website should be optimised. But it’s not always the case. My blog about optimising website copy discusses this further.

It can be typical to optimise high-level pages, and some of your blog posts. But there’s no law that says every single page must be optimised. As a website content writer, I’d urge you to focus on creating engaging copy first. There’s no point in getting the traffic only to confuse them with your message. 


Can you write my meta data as well?

Meta titles and meta descriptions are important. Google refers to meta titles to help understand the relevancy of the web page. Meta titles show up in search results to concisely inform your reader.

Should you want me to write these for you, I can include them in the project. If you want to get really serious about SEO, I’d recommend involving a specialist that I work with and they could also write your meta data.


Can you rewrite my existing web content?

As a website copywriter, I’m often asked this question. Here’s the thing. It generally takes just as much time to recreate your existing copy as it does to write from scratch!

Asking a copywriter to revamp your website content is not the cheaper option. I’ve made many pairs of curtains in my life (don’t ask). I’d far rather start with fresh fabric and heading tape than unpick an old pair to make them fit better.

Looking at it another way, you might prefer my website copy audit service? I can review your current web copy and give you recommendations on how to make it better, without actually writing it myself.


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