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Software Copywriter

I get it. You do amazing things. You save clients hours. You revolutionise their systems. But how the heck do you get this across in words that make sense?

Here’s why I get it…

I don’t talk your language – and that’s a GOOD thing.

The technology and SaaS sectors are booming. Your business is part of this growth, and yet, you struggle to explain your value in ways your (often non-tech) audience understands.

Technology and software copywriting is a familiar niche for me. I’ll translate your geeky talk into copy that’s easier for people to grasp. They’ll quickly get your value and see how you could help them.

Want to test my geek translation?

She understood our (rather niche) business very quickly and delivered some outstanding customer stories that went on to move many opportunities in the right direction.

- Alisa McPhail - Xelix -

The curse of technology expertise

Know what your problem is? You know your stuff too well. Your prospects don’t. And they don’t want to.

Instead, they want to picture the positive outcome you’ll deliver. “What difference will it make to me?”

That's where I come in. Looking at your software business from the outside-in, I ask questions your prospects want answers to. All to create engaging copy that glistens with your values and works harder for your business - in words your audience understands.

How I help you

You might have a SaaS product. You could be a software developer. Maybe you’re in the cybersecurity or IT space. Been there, done that.

How I help as your software/tech copywriter depends on where you’re at… 

Customer insight

Without understanding your audience, your message will bomb. So, if you’re not clear, let me help.

From in-house interviews to customer calls. From dissecting feedback to competitor reviews - I’ll do what it takes.

Learn about my customer insight

Website copywriting

So, a techie wrote your website copy? Bad news. Because your prospects are generally not techies.

Let’s make it easier for them to enthuse about what you do, without having to learn your lingo. Put benefits and outcomes front and centre, in words they welcome.

Learn about my website copywriting

Email copywriting

Keeping in touch matters. People must appreciate your value, like what you do, and keep you front of mind.

Software and tech aren’t regular purchases, so be there exactly when they need you.

Learn about my email copywriting

Customer stories

You do great stuff and transform businesses. Let your prospects hear these stories and move closer to you.

Customer stories are ideal for the often-complex software space. That’s why I create so many.

Learn about my customer stories

Knowledge articles

All that knowledge, advice, and insight in your head… let’s create some incredible articles. Then use them everywhere. From your website and social media to industry press and sales pitches.

Answer questions. Tackle hesitations. Discuss trends. Once you have a bank of articles you’ll wonder how you coped without them.

Learn about my knowledge articles

Anna is a master of her craft. She puts so much time and effort into understanding your business, the brief you give her and messages you want to get across, then produces first class copy.

- Gary Bell - Nettitude Group -

Ready to talk?

There’s only one way to discover whether I’m the right software copywriter for you (and whether you’re the right client for me). Let’s arrange a brief call. It could be the breakthrough you’re looking for.