Telemarketing services

It’s a nifty resource that you might not have in-house – certainly not for larger projects that can bog you down.

Cantaloupe's freelance telemarketing services have helped clients in a number of ways, from developing a highly accurate prospect database to nurturing existing customers by phone and gaining useful market intelligence.

Freelance telemarketing services, unlike telesales, are there to enhance your marketing. That might be generating warm leads, gaining marketing intelligence, supporting a specific campaign or identifying the right contact to approach and establishing initial interest.

Whilst you’ll have telephones within your business (we all generally do), you might not have the resource or the skill for this sort of telemarketing work. To be most effective, you need to involve people who are great on the phone and know how to be efficient with their time in order to progress through what might be a weighty list at a good pace, minimising down-time and remaining totally focused on the task.

Trying to achieve this in-house can be tricky. Your're likely to get side-tracked by other demands, and what should be a job to be completed within a week can suddenly become a monster that groans on for a month or more!

Talk to me about my freelance telemarketing services. I can discuss ad-hoc projects in addition to ongoing requirements, all developed in a bespoke way to meet your needs and timescales.

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