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Small business marketing services

Should you be a small business, marketing services supplied in a freelance capacity can be a smart idea.

Whilst businesses of all sizes have a marketing requirement, the smaller the business, the more challenging it is to employ the right skills in-house. Especially if you don’t need them every day. This can lead to a rather daunting situation whereby various team members take on aspects of marketing and do the best they can. But time available and limited knowledge often restricts the effectiveness of this route.

Small business marketing services bear many of the markings of large business marketing – after all, the principles remain the same - you’ll just need to prioritise activities to make your smaller budget work as hard as possible for you.

Small business marketing makes every penny count

Cantaloupe is adept at making budgets work hard, day in and day out. Offering flexible marketing services for small businesses, I can scale up or down to suit you. I am used to working within a budgetary limit and can even take a break if you need to rein things in for a while.

As a small business, you’ll want to build on the awareness of your company. You might have a specific project or activity that you want to develop: copywriting for editorial or blogs; enhancements to your website or perhaps the re-launch of your email marketing. You might be exhibiting at a trade show and need some help with planning. Maybe you need some assistance with telemarketing a target market? Cantaloupe can help you in all these ways and many more, at a level to suit you.

If you’d like to discuss small business marketing support, please get in touch and I’d be very happy to hear from you.

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