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Interim marketing management

It can easily happen. Your marketing manager decides to move on and you’re left with a temporary lack of marketing skill and a host of key marketing projects to keep on track and develop.

Relax, it’s nothing I haven’t seen before.

At this tricky time, it can be a huge relief to find a small marketing resource that can pick up the work and run with it for you, until you’re fully staffed again. I’ve carried out interim marketing management for a number of companies in the past and tended to stay involved longer than I’d imagined! I think that’s because it works.

Cantaloupe can take over the reins with your PR, in-house or via an agency. I can also finish that web project for you, keep the content marketing plan going, prepare for a trade show and offer marketing support where required. And when your new marketing manager arrives on the scene, I can hand it all back, knowing that everything was kept safe and sound in the meantime.

Please just get in touch if you’d like to discuss an interim marketing situation and I’ll chat it through with you.

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