Branding & graphic design

Good design has a positive sales impact. Let that statement sink in for a moment...

Whatever it is that you’re trying to sell and whatever the size of your business, design truly matters and can make an enormous contribution to the effectiveness of your marketing.

Choosing an effective, freelance graphic design service can be a profitable move. Here's why. The right design can give a better impression of your business, appeal to a particular target audience and even tell your story in a more creative way. Bad design might suggest that you are a small or uncreative business, with little concern for your own appearance.

In fact, good design can even heighten the level of trust in your business.

It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg either; I involve many hugely experienced freelance graphic design specialists with my clients. They're ready to help you too. Whether you require a new corporate image or perhaps need some fresh sales literature, or freelance design for other marketing materials – I can get stuck in and manage the project from inception to completion, delivering creative and timely results.

If it needs printing, I can probably help you there too – I know a lot of very nice and useful people.

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