Email marketing services

Email marketing services like mine can make a real difference.

80% of marketing emails are never opened. You’ll know how quickly your inbox fills up. And you’ll know how swiftly you can press DELETE. The decision is made in seconds! So, creating the right message to reach a relevant audience is key.

And yet, you’re busy. You don’t have the time or know-how to focus on this stuff.

You’ll want copy that engages your audience. You’ll need a structure to work to. You might even need a hand managing your chosen email platform.

Whether you’re selling online or nurturing a B2B audience, great emails can have a big part to play. They reinforce your brand, warm the relationship and even prompt a sale.

Great emails, I said. Poor emails? Well, they’re just noise.

Flexible email marketing services to build your business

Want your customers and prospects to welcome your emails? Want to gain more from them? Then let me give them the focus they deserve.

A key part of your marketing, I’ll guide you on brand tone, frequency, and content. Using my experience with many different businesses, I’ll help you punch above your weight. From data collection to final delivery, my practical approach will be refreshing and productive.

I know you’re busy. I also know you want this sorted.

Enter me. Here’s a list of email scenarios I’ve commonly tackled:

  • E-commerce emails
  • New customer welcome campaigns
  • Prospect nurturing campaigns
  • Pre and post-event emails
  • E-newsletters

Au fait with many different email platforms, you’ll not be left stranded at any point. And all you need to do is get in touch. Let’s discuss what you need and take it from there. Let me take the frustration away from you and make your emails a prominent part of your marketing.


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