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My email marketing services help you to reach your target audience, build loyalty, encourage purchase and heighten your profile.

Effective email marketing is not as easy as it looks...

  • 80%1 of marketing emails are never opened
  • 60%2 of marketers admit that their biggest barrier to effective marketing is the quality of their email database

Having worked with many email platforms over the years and undertaken all manner of email marketing, I’ve achieved results and made a difference. Whilst we can all be bombarded with unwanted emails, receiving good quality and easily recognisable communication from companies and brands that we wish to read about adds real value to customer relationships. It’s always quality over quantity for optimum results.

I can work with data that you already have, advising you on how to gain more leads of relevance. Managing your existing email platform or setting something up from scratch to suit your needs, I develop creative email templates to synchronise with your branding. Ecommerce? No problem! Let’s integrate with Mailchimp to develop transactional emailing or consider the power of tools such as Dotmailer.

Undertaken properly, email marketing can become a highly effective and very important part of your integrated marketing communications. Please get in touch to learn more about the email marketing services that I can offer you, and hear about past and current examples of my work in this area.

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