Customer survey services

To really understand what they’re thinking, independent customer survey services are gold.

You might think you can handle this important activity in-house. Maybe. But do your customers speak honestly to you? Do you get the best out of feedback calls?

When I get involved in customer surveys, they’re bespoke. Tailored to your needs. And the most common scenario is the good old telephone. No bulk email surveys here!

You see, your customers want to be heard.

They want to have the opportunity to air their thoughts freely, without judgement or instant retort. They just want to be heard.

And what they say is incredibly valuable. Positive or negative.

Customer survey services your customers welcome

By asking me to get involved, they’ve got an independent party to talk to. Not their usual contact at your office. That makes a difference. They can open up and be honest. I can empathise. Without judgement. And without trying to “fix it” on the phone.

I’ve seen it before. A customer that tells the company their service is fine, only to talk to me and highlight some issues that could be improved.

Your opportunity is to follow-up on their feedback. Then the loop is complete. They’ve been heard in the right way, and it’s made a positive difference.

Calls like this can also be fantastic for market intelligence or planting a marketing seed.

My approach is tailored. You might have under 50 customers to contact. I’ll first seek to understand your business and your objectives before undertaking thoughtful and valuable calls to your customers on your behalf.

Isn’t that better than office staff rushing through the calls, simply to tick the task off their list?

Get more from your next round of customer calls. Choose my customer survey services. Just get in touch and we’ll devise the right way forward for you.

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