Customer satisfaction surveys

How much is it worth to really understand what your customers or prospects are thinking? Can you honestly say that you have a full understanding of their opinions and thoughts about your business?

There are of course, many ways to develop customer satisfaction surveys and all manner of sophisticated software to help you do it; but I generally favour the mark one telephone. For good reason.

Your customers are people and they value being heard

If someone is actually listening, they say more. A telephone conversation that subtly includes a survey provides the opportunity to collect critical feedback - you might get more than you anticipated. It also presents the opportunity to communicate a key message about your business. In short, it becomes a positive PR exercise.

Can you say the same about emailing out a tick box survey to hundreds of contacts without having the chance to practically hear what they honestly think?

I offer a bespoke customer satisfaction survey service to deliver meaningful insight; planning and executing a tailored project for you. Customers (particularly B2B) prefer not to be a number and from my experience, react positively to this personalised approach. Someone independent to the company genuinely and intelligently listens to what they have to say amongst a meaningful conversation.

My customer satisfaction survey service is an ideal system to carry out in bite-size chunks, allowing for timely follow-up in-house. I’ll come back with some invaluable feedback to help you develop your business, with your customers firmly at the heart of it. And your customers? They will be left feeling heard and valued. All helping to nurture that very important loyal relationship.

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