One-time money-back guarantee: terms and conditions

This is an incentive I sometimes offer new clients to reassure them of the quality I deliver. Should you have received a one-time money-back guarantee from me, it's subject to the following conditions: 

  1. I will have specified the deliverable it is valid for (usually a standard* article between 1,000 and 1,500 words.
  2. You cannot claim the guarantee on any other deliverable, now or in the future.
  3. You'll provide me with a clear brief to deliver against. My “success” is marked by delivering on your brief.
  4. I'll submit my invoice for 100% of the article fee on submission of your draft copy. This will be due for payment within 14 days unless you claim on the guarantee. You can ask for up to two sets of revisions within that time.
  5. If I receive revisions beyond 14 days of draft submission your one-time money-back guarantee will be invalid unless we agreed otherwise in writing.
  6. Your approval (required in writing via email) confirms you are happy with the final article.
  7. Having approved the article, the one-time money-back guarantee is no longer valid. You own the right to use the article copy on full payment of my invoice.
  8. Future projects will NOT include the one-time money-back guarantee and will be invoiced according to my usual terms (provided on every proposal).

Should you wish to claim on my one-time money-back guarantee (nobody has) you must do so in writing via email to within 7 days of receiving your draft copy. You must also confirm in writing that you will not use the draft copy - either in its entirety or partially. Nor must you slightly adapt it before use. The article must not appear in any of your marketing materials or be used internally for any purpose. Unauthorised use would be a copyright violation and I would pursue it as such.

If you have any questions about my one-time money-back guarantee, please email me: 


 *You supply a brief for the article, plus rough content/resources to draw from (or arrange a subject matter expert call for me to manage).