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There's an overly familiar phrase where search engine optimisation is concerned: “Content is King”. Granted, it’s corny - but it also has some truth to it. 

An experienced SEO copywriter will write copy for your website that is both engaging and relevant to your audience (a fundamental requirement) whilst also naturally weaving in valuable keywords - just how Google likes it. 

Our friend Google has high expectations. The best websites meet, even exceed them to the benefit of their search rankings. Paying specific attention to the gritty matter of SEO copywriting could pay dividends for your business too.

But a word of warning. Writing only with SEO in mind can make for a dull website. Do not fall into the nasty trap of your beautiful copy becoming a "play thing" for SEO techies that fail to understand its value in your communication. That is not it’s purpose at all.

A savvy SEO copywriter brings you the best of both worlds

It is perfectly possible to creatively blend the two requirements together with great effect - engaging copy that assists your search rankings. And whilst I am far from a geek, I do understand geeky phrases such as H1 headlines, Meta and Alt Tags. It all helps the cause of your website and most importantly, the visibility of your communications.

Got a query? Have a freelance SEO copywriting project in mind? Please pick up the phone or tap out an email, I’d love to hear it.

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