Making the most of your local marketing

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Whilst some companies wish to take over the world, others have a far more specific target audience and that can often be in the locality of the business itself. This can also be a secondary audience that is easily overlooked with the temptation of looking further afield. In this post, I consider some useful and practical thoughts around getting the best out of your local marketing. 

Presentation counts locally

It could be your signage, the presentation of your “shop front” or banners outside your business. Where your locality is concerned, it all matters so pay attention to it. Is your branding clear? Your strapline consistent with other communication? Your paintwork in good order and your windows clean? Really??! Well, if you're a restaurant, things like this matter, so get outside and judge how you're doing from your customers’ perspective.

Get talking locally

Whether it's the local newspaper or a local magazine or two, developing a relationship with them can only help your business, where local marketing ideas are concerned. Have you new products or company developments to talk about? Are you hosting an event or open day perhaps? Whether in an editorial or advertising capacity, these publications can reach your local audience effectively, building awareness and understanding of what you have to offer. Take the time to understand how you might add value and get involved with such local press. If you're more targeted in your efforts your results are likely to be better.

Look for local marketing opportunities to collaborate

Are there other businesses in your area that are non-competitive and yet marketing locally to your target audience? Chances are they might be interested in working together if you can create a win-win situation where both parties benefit. This could be other commercial organisations, social clubs or even schools and colleges. Get in touch and introduce yourself, it might well lead to a joint promotion, reciprocal communication opportunities or some other creative idea.

Build a local audience database

From customers to prospective customers, there are huge benefits in proactively building a local database of contacts to enhance your local marketing efforts. You might do this from hosting an event, attending a local show or perhaps running a competition via your website or through social media. But the objective is to develop that database so that you can further communicate with a local and hopefully warmer audience.

Social can be local

You might be a local retail outlet or even a dog training business! Social media can really help to engage locally and build awareness locally by encouraging likes and shares. Have some clear objectives in mind and develop a plan around these local marketing ideas so that you're being most effective with your time. You can use tools like Hootsuite to help you manage your posting from week to week.

Sponsorship for local marketing

It might be a roundabout, a sporting event or an annual festival. If you feel that it reaches your local target audience, have a discussion about the potential for sponsorship. Don't wait for them to contact you as they will be contacting your competitors too! Once more, be clear about your objectives and what you want to achieve out of the activity. 

These thoughts just scratch the surface where local marketing is concerned. And in many cases, there will be some bespoke and most creative ideas that are ideal for your particular business, so give it the attention that it deserves and build the activity into a practical marketing plan. 

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