How to optimise your telemarketing services

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The mark one telephone can be an excellent tool to support your marketing if you use it well. These days, many businesses are making good use of telemarketing services in order to do this. However, it is important to manage this carefully if you are going to gain as much as you can from it. Here's a few thoughts on how you might wish to do that.

Choose the right telemarketing service 

It is important to use people that have the right telephone technique and sales pipeline development skills. We’re not all a whizz on the phone! In this situation, you'll also find different styles of telemarketing services to choose from – who you select depends partly on the nature of your work. 

Some telemarketing projects will require a large volume approach. The same questions asked to a large number of contacts. Perhaps it's a large scale research project where some quantitative results are required. This sort of project needs a very different approach to one that requires in depth or bespoke conversation with important prospects. Sometimes you need someone that is skilled at effectively reacting to the response of the recipient and not simply working through a tick box process. 

There are many skilled freelance telemarketing people in addition to many companies that can offer the bespoke approach in order to get the most out of your data. If you need to understand what type of telemarketing services would best suit your requirements, we’d be happy to discuss it with you. 

How good is your data? 

Telemarketing is only as good as your data. Bad data is time wasting and will give you lower than average results. That said, sometimes there is a need to cleanse your existing database and telemarketing can be very effective here. When hiring the services of telemarketing, be honest about the state of your data. Sometimes it is better to purchase some fresh data, even if you de-duplicate it with your existing data first. 

Understand how the data will be managed 

Telemarketing services can work in a number of different ways. You might prefer to have them working with your own CRM system, recording their calling notes there. Alternatively, you might prefer them to work separately to this, either opting for the simplicity of a spreadsheet or by using a CRM system that is set up and managed by the telemarketer. There are pros and cons with both options and it does depend on what would work best for your business. 

Establish clear objectives 

What are you trying to achieve? Sales is an obvious answer but think a little more deeply than that. Are you wanting to gain meetings from the calls, or have the ability to send out samples? Should they be placing an order after the call? Be realistic in your targets and discuss them with your telemarketing people as total clarity is essential in order to undertake an effective project and manage expectations. 

Appreciate that results can take time 

One call does not always get you the result that you need. Consider that they might only buy products like yours at certain times of year – perhaps even annually. So the first call might be to establish when this is, so that a second call can be planned at a “warmer” time. 

Don't underestimate the follow-up 

One great advantage of using outsourced telemarketing services is that they can entirely focus on the task in hand. And that includes the all important follow-up. Calls are worth little without following up with information by email or a further call having sent samples for example. Telemarketers know how to do this and ensure that the work continues, even if your business gets busier, or sidetracked with another project.


Cantaloupe undertakes a variety of telemarketing services for many types of business. It might be a bespoke customer survey or a prospecting project. We can be very flexible in our approach and involve the specialists that work best for your business. Please get in touch if we can help you with your telemarketing.