Freelance PR or PR agency?

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You might have concluded that you need some outside help with your PR activities and be unsure as to which route is best for your requirements. Do you need a full PR agency or would some freelance PR resource suit you better? Let’s consider both scenarios for you.

Freelance PR

There is certainly an outsourced PR resource to suit all requirements and freelance PR can often be a very flexible and cost effective option. Your needs might be sporadic due to seasonality or perhaps infrequent content. Alternatively, you might only wish to target a narrow field of media.

To take an example, you might wish to favourably use PR to raise your profile and awareness within your industry or a particular target market. This might in practical terms boil down to just five or ten key media items (trade magazines, trade websites or local press for example). Freelance PR can be excellent when the media available is narrow and the key objective is to build relationships with that media and develop opportunities for good quality coverage.

Using a freelance PR resource also means that one person tends to develop an in depth understanding of your business and products, adding real value to the quality of the content and the conversations undertaken with media contacts. It can still take time to build the momentum and get results though, so ensure that you allow time for this to happen.

Freelance PR in summary:

  • Great for flexibility
  • Great when you have a sporadic or limited need to outsource PR
  • Great when you have a limited number of media targets to build relationships with
  • Great to develop a knowledgeable ambassador for your product or company

PR agency

Engaging a PR agency can be a stressful activity. Maintaining the relationship with the agency over time, a constant commitment. There are times however when only a specialist PR agency is the answer.

When the media targets are much larger in number or widespread geographically, having a team behind the activity can be beneficial. PR agencies tend to work on a retainer basis and by that nature, activity tends to be constant and ongoing. They will run a press cuttings/coverage service so that you can accurately monitor your coverage and have access to contacts in far off places!

If your PR requirements are somewhat larger, be they consumer related or B2B, you might wish to opt for this route so that you don’t overwhelm a freelance PR specialist.

Choosing an agency can be tricky. Consider whether they have experience in your field. Consider their size compared to your own (you don’t want to become the Friday afternoon job of a large agency) and decide how important it is to have regular face-to-face contact with them, therefore requiring an agency that is local to you. Last but not least, you need to get on with them as you’ll have a relationship with them for potentially many years to come.

PR agencies in summary:

  • Great when media targets are much larger in number or more widespread
  • Great for larger, ongoing pieces of PR that need to be run on a retainer basis
  • Preferable if you want a press cuttings service
  • Good if you want to choose a team with relevant experience in your field

What can Cantaloupe offer in terms of outsourced PR?

So where does Cantaloupe fit in all of this? Talk to us about the PR activity or project that you wish to outsource and we can advise you on the best course of action.

We can offer you a flexible and very experienced freelance PR service that can dovetail into the needs of your company – on an ad hoc or continual basis. We can identify key media targets, build constructive, personable relationships with them and deliver excellent quality content that helps to build the profile of your business or product range.

Alternatively, Cantaloupe can work closely and constructively with a proven PR agency on your behalf to manage a larger project. Sometimes having someone on your side to project manage such activity day-to-day, with the right knowledge and experience can pay huge dividends and get you the results that you need. Whatever your PR requirements, we’d love to hear from you.