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Feast or famine? I’ve been there too

I know how it is. When your order book is full, it feels great. You’re busy getting stuff out the door. No time for prospecting now! But that’s exactly when you should be doing something. Otherwise, a deadly famine might be on the way. Here are some practical thoughts on developing a regular prospecting system that operates even when you’re stacked out.

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How email nurturing can build your sales funnel

Many businesses intermittently prospect for business when they're not too busy. But your potential new customers might not need your products right now. And then you forget to follow up. The prospect becomes dead again. I want to explain how email nurturing can add value to your reputation and keep in touch until the prospect is ready to buy your product.

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Should slang have a place in your copy?

Well blimey, that’s a blinding question to answer. A rising trend in business copy, let’s take a look at what slang is and the benefits it might offer your copy - when incorporated in the right way.

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How do you write a case study?

You might have heard about the “power of the case study”. But how do you write a story that engages and motivates your audience? In this post, I’ll explain the value of case studies and give you a simple framework to build from.

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HTML or plain-text email: which gets better results?

It’s a question that often gets asked. And if you want the short answer, there’s not a definitive one. I’m not going to get techie here, but I am going to consider different email formats in terms of marketing effectiveness for your business. And that might help you.

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Where do we go from here?

Is it down to the lake, I fear? No, that’s a song lyric. I mean with our work together! It’s a question I’m often asked. So, whilst every client is different, I’ll give you a rough idea. The best answer is ALWAYS just to get in touch with me.

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Social proof: right and wrong ways to use it

It was an ordinary family meal. We were catching up, exchanging news and generally having fun. Then someone mentioned mattresses…wondering how that has anything to do with social proof? Read on…

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What a new keyboard teaches you about change

It’s funny where your clarity of thought can come from. For me, a new keyboard highlighted something that we all fear at some point…change. And this is what I want to discuss. Because we must all manage it in our marketing.


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How much do freelance copywriters charge?

Good question! And one that I get asked A LOT. I’d love to say something direct, like “£362.80.” But there’s no immediate answer that’s meaningful for you. So, I’m giving this question the thought it deserves. My post should provide plenty of clarity for you.

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Top tips for price communication

Does talking price make you uncomfortable? Do you fear they’ll think your prices are too high and not do business with you? Stop creating a hurdle to jump over. Here’s some sound advice to help you handle the communication of your prices better.

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