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Why a good story (or two) can grow your business

Do you love a good story? Me too. Many are compelling and memorable. Have you made the most of your customers’ stories? They’re a powerful way to sell yourself – without selling. And right now, there’s a great opportunity to collect them. I’ll explain…

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How to help your customers weather the storm

Are you getting bombarded by (now) irrelevant messaging? Discounts from stores you can no longer get to? Incentives that seem rather, well, trivial in the grand scheme of things? There’s a BIG point to learn from this…

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What does a freelance copywriter do?

Whilst you might feel the answer to this question is remarkably obvious, others will welcome a straightforward explanation. So, that’s exactly what I’m going to do in this post. I’ll illustrate the purpose of a freelance copywriter; what people like me actually do for you.

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Why good copywriters ask “why?” a lot

We expect toddlers to ask umpteen questions daily (and they do). But what about adults? Shouldn’t they know the answers by now? Turns out, asking questions IS a good tactic when you’re older. And us copywriters are old hands at it. For good reason.

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Should you always optimise your web copy?

SEO, keywords, metadata, H1 tags. Does it wear you down? This post is for you. I’m not going to talk *tech*, I want to get some perspective on the issue of optimising web copy to please the likes of Google. Is it essential, optional or a happy balance? Read on.

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Why you shouldn’t let your sales team write your case studies

I want to tell you a story about writing case studies. A client of mine wanted to create some fresh material. Current articles were terribly outdated. And so, they decided to gather their own content from the first customer. After all, it was their customer and they just needed their salesman to ask for a few more details, surely?

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Did automation compromise my authenticity?

I tested some automated software on my Twitter account recently. And it got me thinking. How much automation is too much? And will automation water down, or even remove, our authenticity? As businesses and, dare I say it, as people. Let me explain…

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How often should you update your blog?

You’ll know about blogging. You might even do it. But how often should you be posting to make a difference to your business? I’m going to take a practical look at that question for you in this post.

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How to write more engaging content

Like me, you’ll be bombarded. Daily. Whilst you’ll glaze over many emails, websites and social media posts, some will grab your full attention. Ever wondered why? And what you can learn to help your own business? My post shows you how to increase the odds of engaging your reader with your words.

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How do you get featured in magazines?

Whilst placing a paid advert in a magazine is always an option, few businesses get involved in editorial opportunities. And yet, they can be more credible and cost less! Have you got plenty to say? Ever asked the question: how do you get featured in magazines? You'll find this post interesting then.

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