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You’ve launched your new website. Now what?

If you’ve gone through the lengthy process of launching a new website, you’ll know the elation (and relief) that comes when it goes live! But that’s just the start of it. There are many ways that your website can, and should, work harder for you. Here’s a list of points to focus on after you’ve celebrated your launch.

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How to keep your message clear when your business grows

I’ve seen it many times. Whilst it started well, your key message can all-too-often become rather muddled as your business expands. The result? Confused employees and customers, which affects the performance of your business. Read how to recognise and address this issue, ensuring that everyone knows exactly what your business does.

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Is your company voice consistent?

You have pantone references for your corporate colours, style guides for the use of your logo. But what about some clarity around your “voice”? In this post, I consider why a consistent voice is important and what elements can help you to achieve this.

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Given up on email marketing? You’re missing a trick.

Remember the 24th and 25th May? We grimaced as our inboxes groaned beyond belief. Privacy policy updates and eleventh-hour requests for consent ahead of GDPR kicking in. Has the EU just killed off email marketing? Not likely – and nor should you. Here’s why.

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Practical advice: website optimisation for better ranking

Would you invest in a piece of equipment and never work out how to use it? I doubt it. The same can be said for your website. Simply having one is no guarantee that the phone will ring and your inbox will fill up with enquiries. The thorny subject of website optimisation can be complex, whilst the goal posts continually change. But amongst it all, there’s some sound and practical advice that you can harness to make your website more appealing to Google. Here’s my take on a few of these issues.

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Are you making the right impression?

It’s really useful to take time and stand back from it all once in a while and ask yourself if your business is actually making the right impression amongst your target audience. Here’s a few helpful points to ponder.

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Message received and understood?

We all want to talk, and marketers are certainly no exception. Communicating key messages is a fundamental part of any marketing department. But are you sure that those messages are being understood as you intended? Here’s some points to consider.

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How to generate interesting blog post ideas

Blogs can work really well for all manner of businesses, so long as you know what to write and how to write it. These points often trip people up, so in this post, I’m going to discuss how you can continually generate some valuable blog post ideas that your audience will want to read and share.

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