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Where will copywriting be in five years?

2020 hampered many things. It also accelerated countless others. Throw it all in the pot and we’re in the middle of rapid change – however you look at it.

So, where does this leave copywriting?

What with video marketing exploding, the march (race) of Artificial Intelligence, and attention spans plummeting, should I just pack my pencils away now?

I don’t think so.

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How much should you pay for website copy?

Right now, having the best possible online presence is smart. With so many businesses working remotely your website is vital to ongoing communication and brand presence.

But just like the Forth Road Bridge, keeping your website in shape is a constant challenge. And that includes the copy.

Whether you’re creating a new website or looking to update an existing one, you’ll want to understand how much a website copywriter would charge.

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First or third person: which works best for business?

I hope I’ve not just taken you back to your English lessons. It wasn’t my intention. I try not to get too hung up on jargon – there’s more to life. But this one is worth your attention because it can make a real difference to your business copy. So, I’ll explain in a (hopefully) pain-free way.

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How to start writing great content (and stick at it)

There’s certainly no shortage of content these days. But there is a shortage of good content.

And for many businesses, it’s a little hit and miss when time allows. So, how about creating a focused plan and a productive habit that’ll help your audience like and trust you?

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Three great copywriting quotes (and what they mean)

I recently came across a fantastic little book called Instant Inspiration for Copywriters, by R. Scott Frothingham. It’s packed with thought-provoking quotes from eminent copywriters. And that’s it!

Many of the quotes tell a much bigger story, so I’ve selected three and given them more context. I hope you find this useful.

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How to write engaging articles (and content)

There’s no doubt written articles are essential for any B2B marketing strategy. And yet, so many businesses struggle to create engaging articles. According to the CMI, 65% know this. So, what on earth does an engaging article look like? In this post, I'll break that down into something practical you can follow.

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Why benefits are more compelling than features

There are many techniques to make your message more compelling. One is focusing on benefits instead of features. It’s a simple method, but many people remain confused about the difference. In this post, I’ll break it down and explain how to identify, and communicate, your benefits.

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Why a good story (or two) can grow your business

Do you love a good story? Me too. Many are compelling and memorable. Have you made the most of your customers’ stories? They’re a powerful way to sell yourself – without selling. And right now, there’s a great opportunity to collect them. I’ll explain…

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How to help your customers weather the storm

Are you getting bombarded by (now) irrelevant messaging? Discounts from stores you can no longer get to? Incentives that seem rather, well, trivial in the grand scheme of things? There’s a BIG point to learn from this…

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