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Freelance content writer

Imagine having a freelance content writer by your side. Would it be a weight off your mind? It can be hard to keep up with social media posts, articles, and nurturing emails.

You might not be a ‘wordsmith’ or have enough hours in the day. Just picture getting some time back and a stream of effective content…

I’ve been helping businesses with content writing for 20 years. And I can help you too.


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Hiring a freelance content writer: how it works


Whatever content writing you need I’ll ask many questions before creating a costed proposal for you. Do you need help with your content idea plan first? Will research be required, or do you have rough content to work from? Please tell me as much as you can.

I can create your content as and when or to a regular schedule. Ask me about creating a monthly plan if that helps.

Getting started

Having agreed the way forward, I’ll get to work. If further discussions or research are necessary, I’ll complete this first. That might mean an in-depth call with you, your colleagues, or customers.

Next comes the writing. Having created countless pieces over the years, I know how to create content that’s engaging and easy to read. After all, it must help your business grow.


You review and approve all your draft copy. It’s important that you’re happy to publish it. I always include a set of amends in my pricing. Please review it thoroughly!

Typical pricing

My pricing is per project as it’s better for you to have exact costs. Whilst I’ll provide firm prices with knowledge of your content needs, expect to pay from £190 for an article (up to 800-words) written from rough content. Significant research would increase the fee. If it’s content for emails, my pricing starts at £150 for a short text email.


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Questions you might have

What do you mean by ‘rough content’?

Usually, this comes in written form (your notes, for example, or a previous document), but it could be over a brief call. It’ll leave me with one, maybe two sources to draw your main points from.

Should I need to review numerous documents to extract information, have numerous calls, or carry out research online, your project will cost more. I’ll make this clear from the outset.


How long will it take you to write my content?

We’ll develop a plan so you’re clear on timescales. If you have a deadline to meet, please tell me at the start.

As a rule, once I have what I need to get started, expect to receive your draft content within a couple of weeks. Larger projects will take longer. If you need a steady stream of content writing, let’s agree a regular plan to ease your strain.


What if I don’t like it?

Freelance content writers are adept at creating effective copy from whatever they can. But they’re not mind readers. So firstly, let’s agree a clear brief I can work from. If this is in place, it’s incredibly rare a problem occurs.

Are you unsure what you need right now? Don’t worry. My questions will clarify your thoughts.

And if we do hit a snag, we’ll chat it through. Usually, the answer is straight forward.


Can you just tidy up the content I’ve written?

‘Tidying up’ someone else’s content writing is rather like adjusting a size 16 skirt to fit a size 10. It would be quicker to make it from scratch (yes, I can sew).

Please don’t see ‘a quick tidy up’ as the cheaper option. Your first draft will be something I can draw from, but appreciate you’re hiring a freelance content writer to do a job. The resulting content will then be much better for you.


Do you design content too?

Sometimes, words are not enough. For example, an infographic or download might be required. When this is the case, I often work with a trusted designer. Tell me if you need design help and I’ll quote for this too.

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