Do I need a copywriter who’s worked in my business sector?

This is a common question, and rightly so. 

You spend years building up your knowledge and experience. Nobody could write about your business aside from you and your time-served team.

Whilst you will find some copywriters focusing only on technology companies or health, for example, many more are generalists in the type of writing they carry out. There are literally thousands of different business sectors and niches, so it's hardly surprising.

And it works. 

They can do this because they know how to extract the knowledge they need to write meaningful copy.

The best copy is generally created by an experienced copywriter who uses some of your knowledge coupled with their specialist skills. They’ll review your market, clarify the value your customers gain from your business, then use many copywriting techniques to create engaging copy.

In fact, a copywriter who hasn’t written for your sector before can actually be an asset. They come with no preconceptions, no assumptions. And they offer you a fresh set of eyes on your business.

You don’t just want your copy to be processed. You want it to be considered, planned, and crafted.


What MUST your copywriter have to write for your business sector?

The more variety a copywriter has experienced, the more practiced they are at understanding a new business sector. Whilst each writer might tackle your project in a slightly different way, they must demonstrate the following abilities to do it justice:

  • They must have a genuine interest in your business
  • They must listen and ask the right questions (and you must let them)
  • They must understand your business culture
  • They must think from a customer’s perspective
  • They must be able to shape everything into clear messaging for your copy


How I approach a new business sector

Over 20 years, I’ve worked with lots of different business types. My first question (to myself) when I take on a new client is: ‘Can I work with this business?’ You should be asking the same of me. If we’re a good fit, the rest flows easily.

There is inevitably discovery work to do. I don’t need to know everything about you, but I will work to understand aspects such as:

  • The vision and character of your business
  • Your core target market – their frustrations and worries
  • Your key competitors and where you sit among them
  • Your products and the value they deliver to your customers
  • Your prospect’s typical buying procedure


I do this in many ways. You’ll have marketing materials I can digest, as will your competitors. There will also be key people within your business that I should talk to. And we might decide to do some customer insight work too.

It all depends on what you need me to do. Sometimes it’s quite simple, and sometimes it’s more complex. No two projects are the same.

Rest assured, it’s not a problem and can be a benefit, that I’ve not worked for your business sector before.


What types of business HAVE you worked for?

Too many to mention, but here’s a selection, to give you an idea:

  • Manufacturing
  • Machinery
  • Engineering
  • Fire protection (many types)
  • Software (field service and finance)
  • Timber (no end)
  • Insurance
  • Consultancy and professional services
  • Health
  • Ecology
  • Confectionery (wholesale)
  • E-commerce (wholesale)

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