Can you tweak my existing web copy?

You might sometimes feel your copy is not far off, but not quite right. I get it. Writing decent business copy is harder than it looks. 

That’s when businesses ask me if I’ll tweak their existing copy. Sometimes they see it as a cheaper option. Or a faster one. 

Truth is, it’s not something many copywriters like to do. Rather like building a house, starting with a clear plot is always easier (and better) than adapting something already built. 


If your copy’s going to work hard for your business, it must be:

  • Customer-focused
  • Easy flowing
  • Consistently structured
  • Written in the same tone
  • Easy and engaging to read

When you do a hack and glue job to existing copy, it’s hard to meet all these needs. It doesn’t work like a jigsaw puzzle. And it’s certainly not a cheaper, or faster, task.

You wouldn’t give your designer a completed design and ask them to suggest how they’d improve it. So, I urge you to let your copywriter take the lead and do a great (and effective) job for you.

Short answer: I can’t just ‘tweak your existing copy’ for you, but I do offer some services that might help.


Web copy reviews and 121s

I hear you. There are times when you need help, but not with the actual writing. That’s why I offer a web copy review service and 121 Zoom sessions. 

If you’re not convinced you’re conveying the right message or tone in your web copy, I can give you some guidance. Maybe it’s just not delivering the enquires? Let’s take a look. 

Having written for countless websites and liaised with many SEO specialists and web builders, I know a thing or to that might help you step-change your web copy and see it work harder for you.

And then there’s the time when you just need an experienced ear for an hour. We’ve all been there and I’m happy to help. We can discuss whatever area of your copy you like: web copy, articles, email copy, LinkedIn posts. Or your style and tone in general.

I ask you to book and pay for these sessions in advance, then I’m all yours. Give me notice of your needs and I’ll run it through my head on the previous day’s dog walk. Having spent an hour together, should you need more help, I’ll scope out a proposal for you. But if that does you for now, great.


Get your hands on my free stuff 

Who doesn’t like a few helpful freebies? That’s why I created my 30-page belter of a download called 24 tips to help your business communicate better. And my one-page checklist giving you seven tips before publishing your web copy. You’ll find it all up for grabs on my free stuff page. Plus more to come.

See what’s on my free stuff page

And if that’s not enough, delve into the depths of my blog or follow me on LinkedIn. I’m often found posting some mighty handy copywriting advice.

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