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With inboxes groaning daily, is it a wise investment to hire an email copywriter? Well yes, more than ever actually.

Around 300 billion.

That’s about how many are sent daily across the globe. And rising.

As a communication tool, email is definitely alive and well, despite our love affair with social media.

But we get swamped, I hear you say. Agreed. We’re swamped with poor quality emails. You know the type: sales obsessed, bad grammar, irrelevant messages.

Just imagine if yours stood out as worthwhile and valuable. Just imagine how your audience might feel about you.

When to hire an email writer

Okay, so you write your own emails. Why hire a writer, eh? Let me provide some scenarios:

  • You’ve got a list of prospects and a long sales funnel. You need to build their interest and constant selling is proving a turn-off
  • You’re building an email list and want to create an automated series to warm them
  • You want to send out a regular marketing e-newsletter to your customers. But nobody's able to focus on it regularly

Just three typical problems an email copywriter can solve with ease. Emails that capture attention and relate to your reader are powerful. They help to build relationships and shorten your sales funnel.


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How it works: hiring an email copywriter


Once we’ve discussed what you need, I’ll confirm my pricing. Generally, I create a series of emails, either together, or over a period of time (fortnightly, for example).


If we’ve not worked together before, I’ll allow some time to fully discuss your business, and plan your objectives. You’ll also need to provide me with rough content to work from. I can guide you on this and carry out further research when required.

Planning and writing

I’ll now be able to start writing. You’ll receive a Word document containing the draft copy for each email.


All my copywriting prices allow for one set of amendments. If the copy needs any tweaks, I’ll re-draft and send a final version to you for approval.

Scheduling emails

In many cases, my work stops once I’ve written your emails. Some clients, however, ask if I can schedule them on their marketing platform. The answer is usually ‘yes’, so if need be, please mention this at the outset.

Typical pricing

My pricing for a text email, up to 300 words is from £290.00 (+VAT). This is from rough content supplied (or a 30-minute call). Should your requirements differ, or if substantial research is required prior to writing, the price will be higher.

I generally create a series of emails and price them as one project. For example, a series of five emails would be priced from £1,350 (+VAT), depending on initial research required.

 Want to hire me as your email writer? 

Questions you might have

What do you mean by ‘rough content’?

Usually, this comes in written form (your notes, for example), but it could be we have a call (that I might record). If you give me one, maybe two sources of information to draw from, I’d consider this ‘rough content’.

Should I need to review more sources to extract information, or carry out further research online (or by phone), I’ll charge additional time. This will be clear from the outset.

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How long will it take you to write my emails?

Once I have the necessary information, I’ll plan time for your project. If you have a particular deadline, let me know. Depending on my availability, expect to wait a couple of weeks for your draft copy. Larger projects take longer. Again, it’s something I’ll clarify at the outset.

If you need copy on a regular timeframe, we’ll plan this in, with sufficient notice for me to create your email, and you to approve it.

Short notice projects are possible (depending on my existing commitments) but I might need to charge a premium to turn it round for you. Please aim to give me as much notice as you can.


What if I don’t like the email you’ve written?

This is a rare situation, but it does highlight the importance of providing a clear brief. I can only work from the objectives you provide me with. I cannot mindread (yet).

I’m used to clients being unsure of their requirements and will ask you many questions. Please take the time to check you are clear at this stage!

When you see your draft email copy, you might have amendments and tweaks to suggest. That’s fine, it’s your email. I allow for one set of amendments in my pricing and always work hard to ensure you’re totally happy with the end result.

Remember: you’re hiring an email copywriter to provide a skill. Whilst we always expect tweaks to suit your style, or to ensure your message is clear, do respect our ability to write your copy. It’s what you’re paying us for.


Do you offer a discount for volume writing?

If I write ten emails, it will take me ten times longer than writing one email. Discounts are not automatic in this industry.

Talk to me about your budget at the outset. We might be able to tackle the project in a different way, so it fits your requirements.


I want to include images in my emails. Can you do this?

Generally, I leave this to my clients. But if you need help, please mention this at the outset so we can clarify the best way forward.


I’ve not got an email list. Can you help?

I don’t buy data for clients and I don’t build email lists. My experience will give you some ideas on how to build your own list and how to stay on the right side of GDPR. But this is ultimately your responsibility.


Can you recommend a good email marketing platform?

There are so many these days, free and paid-for. I like MailChimp for a permanently free platform (up to a certain number of subscribers) and Campaign Monitor for a paid service. Plug a few words into Google and you’ll find many more to learn about. Few people have tried them all.


Can you just tidy up my emails?

Copywriters rarely like to ‘tidy up’ other peoples’ words. Perceived as the cheaper option, it’s just not. I’ve made many pairs of curtains. Using new fabric and tape, I can make a new pair far faster (and better) than taking an old pair to bits and re-making them in a different size.

I’ll happily work from old emails, but don’t assume this will be cheaper.


Will you guarantee my email open rates?

Your email performance depends on many things:

  • The quality of your data
  • The relevancy of your data
  • The time you send your email
  • The quality of your product or service
  • The quality of your copy

Copy is just one aspect of an email’s performance. Granted, it’s an important one, but too many other factors are at play to start making guarantees.

I work closely with my clients to help them develop their email performance. I’m always happy to discuss your statistics and how you might improve.


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