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Website copywriter

Your choice of website copywriter can make or break your website.

After all your investment into design and build, don’t leave it stranded due to poor copy.

An experienced freelance website writer will quiz you about your target audience. They’ll work to clarify your core message – in language that your customers understand. The difference is an enquiry or a sale.

It’s a myth that anyone can write web copy: “You just fill in the blanks with words…” That’s the fastest way to make them click away.

You have SECONDS to gain their attention

Think about your own online habits. I’ll bet you’re impatient. You’ll want to find the answers quickly. You won’t hang around if the message isn’t clear. Who’s going to spend time reading through reams of copy to understand a company? If it doesn’t immediately look like they can help you, move on!

And that’s exactly what your own prospective customers are doing when they discover your website. Those first seconds matter. So, make them count.

Of course, there are times when there’s more to say. That’s the job of blogs, white papers, news and case studies. Discussion for another page. The essence of good web copy then, is to engage, inform, navigate and prompt action.

A website copywriter that brings your site to life

Whether your site is large or small, old or new, I can help it work harder for you. Words matter. They help to convert a prospect into a customer. In some cases, they ARE what converts a prospect into a customer. So, why leave it to the office junior?

I’ve worked on countless websites. I’ve worked with many web agencies. I know I can make a difference – and I’d like to do this for you.

If I sound like your freelance website writer, or if you’d like to learn more, please get in touch.

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