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Press release writer (& editorial)

Using a press release writer might just do a better job of your press coverage.

Editors are busy people. Yet, their needs are simple. Quality, relevant and original news and editorial contribution. Delivered in a timely manner, to their specifications.

Their inboxes overflow and their lists are long.

My tailored approach works well for B2B press titles. You’ll have key trade magazines (and websites) that you’d love to achieve coverage in. Perhaps half a dozen industry titles? Or maybe something specific that your audience reads?

Being the human being that I am, my approach is to build relationships with contacts working for these titles. Call me old-fashioned. I understand what they’re looking for and seek to provide it.

This targeted method has achieved 2000-word guest editorial contributions for some of my clients, ghost-written by me. It’s also ensured contributions to key features or better attention for a relevant press release.

Your press release writer is an asset

Giving it the focus you always aspire to, let’s start talking to the right people, in the right way. Let’s provide them with what they want. Let’s build relationships to benefit your business. My “less is more” approach has worked in many industries, for many clients.

Of course, if you’re looking for a general PR agency, I’m not your girl. But if you want some strategic and targeted help to get coverage in key areas, that’s me every time.

Do you now see why a seasoned press release writer is worth their salt? Want some quality editorial coverage achieving? Let’s talk and take it from there.

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