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Newsletter writer

We all want to keep our customers up to date, but the reality of doing so can soon kick in – who’s going to do the work?

The challenge with any regular communication is to keep it fresh and engaging on a continuous basis. Coming up with ideas for content is one thing, writing it is another. And everyone in the office is stacked out.

Introducing the role of a newsletter writer!

Should you hire my newsletter copywriting services, I’ll work with you to plan the frequency and content of your newsletter – be it printed or digital. You might actually like some of my ideas, drawn from years of experience and the pain of other clients that have been in the same boat.

Let me create something worthy of sending. Let me interest your customers with news from your business. Let me help you build a positive profile with the minimum of pain.

Of course, as a marketer, I can also involve a designer to create a printed newsletter or set up an email campaign to send it straight to their inbox. Either way, you’ll find me a remarkably capable newsletter writer to have on board.

Agonising over your newsletter?

Please ask me to help