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Newsletter writer

Hire a newsletter writer and take the pain away!

What pain?

I’m talking about the time-consuming hassle of pulling together the content and creating your next newsletter. It seemed like such a good idea when you launched it. But now, it’s like a ball and chain.

The challenge with any regular communication is to keep it fresh and engaging on a continuous basis. Coming up with ideas for content is one thing, writing it is another. And everyone in the office is stacked out.

Enter your friendly newsletter copywriter. Equipped with the skills to handle this for you.

How a newsletter writer works (at least, this one)

Whether your newsletter is printed and mailed or created via email, I can manage the process from start to finish.

Planning is key, and I’ll get you organised. Let’s work to an achievable timeline.

Content for a newsletter comes from many sources: existing literature, thoughts from key people, phone calls with staff and suppliers. Leave it to me if you like?

Keeping you updated as I go, you’ll welcome the relief on your time from my involvement. Most of all, you’ll welcome the delivery of a well-written, audience-focused newsletter, exactly when you need it to go out.

Images? Design? Print? Yes, to all of those. I know where your pressure points are, and I can ease them. Draw on my marketing talents. You see, I’m not just a copywriter. Delivering an end-to-end project, your investment in me leaves you with more time to run your business.

Fancy hiring a newsletter writer? Shall we talk? I might just be a great fit for your business.

Agonising over your newsletter?

Please ask me to help