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Copywriting for agencies

You’ve landed a great project and it’s going to need some copy. Who’s doing it? Did the client initially volunteer and then not come up with the goods? Did you think you’d manage it in-house but now that’s not happening?

Creative agencies are busy and freelance copywriters are here to help you deliver what your client needs. To an excellent standard. On time.

Experienced copywriting that your clients will love

I have worked with many different agencies. Web, design, marketing, PR; my wide experience will be of interest to many. I take the brief and get on with the copywriting for you – easing the pressure and keeping your project moving. Less hassle, more results.

I’ve even written copy for a handful of agency websites, so that must say something about me!

Please get in touch so that we can chat through what you need. I’m flexible, take on small projects as well as large juicy ones and, with a strong marketing background, can add further value and talk your language. Most importantly, I’ve been at this for 20 years! That’s a lot of words written for so many different industries. Perhaps I can help you too?

Why hire me?

If you’re reading this section, I’m feeling quite chipper – you might just pen me an email or pick up the phone soon! Let me succinctly explain how I can help your agency as a freelance copywriter:

  • I have years (decades) of experience – in life, in different industries, in writing copy. I’m not pretending I’m good at this any more. 
  • A copywriter that is also a marketer can be the optimum combination for your business. Let me post the blogs, meet with your client - whatever helps your project.
  • I’m good at deadlines; even tight ones. 
  • I like small jobs as well as large ones. They’re all important to me. 
  • I’m a “glass half full” person and hopefully a pleasure to work with. When work is the main thing in your life, dealing with nice people makes it so much more fun.

Can I help your agency?

Please get in touch