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Case study writer

Engaging a case study writer can lower your marketing costs…

Bear with me. I’ll explain that statement.

We’re all drawn to stories. From childhood, they’re used to get a point across. We emotionally engage with the plot, the characters, and the challenge. Case studies (or success stories if you like) are exactly the same.

Put yourself in the shoes of your buyer. They've got a challenge to resolve. They don't entirely know the answer and they've not got time to fully research it - who has these days? Your product could be it.

And then, they find your case studies.

Real people telling their story of how your product or service helped them solve the same challenge.

Do you read product reviews? Ask for referrals? Case studies are just another way to speed your decision-making (and safely justify your decision to your boss). In fact, well-written case studies can shorten your sales cycle. People are FAR more inclined to act on an emotive story than a list of features and benefits in a sales pitch.

And THAT is how you’ll lower your marketing costs!

A case study writer that owns your project, from start to finish

It’s a time-consuming task. You’ll need to pull information together, interview your customer, plan and draft the copy, get approval all-round. As a case study copywriter, I take it all off your hands.

I’ll talk to you (or the relevant company person) on the phone to gather the right information. I’ll craft the right questions for the customer and carry out the phone interview. I’ll structure the copy in a proven and engaging way, staging your customer as the hero of the story and weaving in your product or service seamlessly.

Just think how you could benefit from a series of fresh case studies?

Add them to your website. Enable the sales team to use them in their prospecting work. Include excerpts of them in your literature or e-newsletter. Invite press contacts to make use of them. The power of a great case study is unstoppable.

If you’re looking for a case study writer, I’m a copywriter and a marketer with the skills to manage your project end-to-end. Please get in touch and I’ll provide you with a prompt quote to get started.

It’ll be a relief to have the right skills to hand.

Need a case study or two?

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