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Brochure copywriter

A brochure copywriter can be an asset to your business.

In a digitally dominated world, beautiful brochures stand out. They command attention. They reflect your brand or business well.

A brochure, however, is not just about design. You need carefully written, engaging copy too. So, don’t let John in the office cobble the words together on a Friday afternoon!

Brochure copywriting is a different animal to writing for the digital world. No Google. No scrolling. No fear of clicking elsewhere. Brochures hang around on desks - they look fabulous and compel interest. If you’re lucky, they prompt a phone call.

Choose a brochure copywriter that's worked closely with designers – the two go hand-in-hand. One must understand the other. In fact, if you need design too, I have some very skilled associates…

Punchy headlines, sub-headings, pull-out statements, feature bullet points, engaging copy - it all makes your brochure so powerful.

How brochure copywriters (aka I) work

Your project will start with plenty of planning. Who’s your target audience? What’s the objective of your brochure? Do you have existing branding to align with?

The good news is, I’m a marketer too. I understand the wider commercial importance of your shiny new literature. So, we’ll create something to hit the spot.

You might have old content to draw from, or it might be a fresh approach. Either way, I’ll plan and craft copy that shines clarity on your message and resonates with your audience (that last point is KEY for your brochure to work).

Your company literature often goes before you. Perhaps picked up at an exhibition or mailed in the post. You need to be confident it’s doing the job well. And with my involvement, it will.

Whether you need a one-page flyer or a “War and Peace” sized brochure, please get in touch. My experience can perfect your brochure copywriting and ensure it’s worth the printing cost.

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