Freelance copywriting services

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Words speak volumes and if you’re not giving due consideration to your copywriting, you’re missing the point.

Ease the strain and involve a freelance copywriter; your team will benefit from specialist knowledge and skill to kick-start improvements.

You know when you’ve read great copy. It’s engaging, structured and in a tone that suits the purpose. It might even prompt you to buy something, make contact or learn more. That's when we know great copy has done its job.

With the right words, it's a whole different story

So, next time you have something that requires a few words, be it your website, a brochure, an email, some press copy or perhaps a sales letter, think about who is going to write them for you – to best effect.

Whatever your copy needs, you’ll find my freelance copywriting services productive, flexible and reliable. Having spent just over 20 years writing about cheese, timber, confectionery, insurance, data management, fire safety, dental, hoteliers, furniture, precision engineering and much more besides, I can turn my hand (and keyboard) to whatever you require from an experienced freelance copywriter.

A testament to our success with Anna is that we have magazines regularly contacting us to supply copy for future publications and our social media and website engagements have dramatically increased.

- Marketing Manager, Pyroplex Ltd -
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Types of copywriting that I undertake:

Website writing

Blog writing

Press release writing

SEO copywriting

Brochure copywriting

Newsletter writing

Business copywriting

As a specialist freelance copywriter, my work can sharpen your message, create better engagement and build your sales. When your marketing team next asks: "Who's going to write it?" get in touch and I'll demonstrate my worth. It'll be a weight off your mind and a progressive move for your business.

Why hire me?

If you’re reading this section, I’m feeling quite chipper – you might just pen me an email or pick up the phone soon! Let me succinctly explain how I can help you as a freelance copywriter:

  • I have years (decades) of experience – in life, in different industries, in writing copy. I’m not pretending I’m good at this anymore. 
  • A copywriter that is also a marketer can be the optimum combination for your business. Commercially astute and creative with words. That’s powerful stuff. 
  • Hire me when you need me and not when you don’t. Freelance is such a fabulous and cost-effective resource when it works. 
  • I’m good at deadlines; even tight ones. 
  • I like small jobs as well as large ones. They’re all important to me. 
  • I’m a “glass half full” person and I'm told, a pleasure to work with. When work is the main thing in your life, dealing with nice people makes it so much more fun.

Go on then, I'm waiting to hear what you think. I'm dying to know. Please get in touch so that I can learn more about you.


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