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Hiring a case study writer will lower your marketing costs…

Bear with me. I’ll explain that.

Put your buyer’s shoes on for a moment. They've got a problem to resolve. They don't know the answer and they've got little time to fully research it. Your product could be it.

And then, they find your case studies.

Real people explaining how your product or service helped them solve the same problem.

Do you read product reviews? Do you ask colleagues for referrals? Case studies are just the same – they speed your decision-making (and justify the decision to your boss). In fact, well-written case studies can shorten your sales cycle. People are FAR more inclined to act on an emotive customer story than a list of features and benefits in your sales pitch.

And THAT is how you’ll lower your marketing costs!

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Hiring a case study writer: how it works


From the outset, I’ll take the task of creating case studies off your hands. It’s time-consuming and complex, so lean on me – a friendly and experienced B2B case study writer.

I’ll provide you with a clear quote from the outset. Tell me if you have specific requirements or a deadline to meet.

What I need from you

You’ll have a back story about each customer – who they are, what they bought, how it’s helped. I’ll provide a list of questions to help you give me as much background as you can.

I’ll also ask you to contact the customer and confirm they’re happy to talk to me. Then give me their contact details and leave it to me.


Prior to writing your case study, I’ll have an in-depth call with your customer. There might be other people I must speak with as well. The angle for the case study often becomes clear at this point, so don’t worry if you’re unsure.

Once I have everything I need, I’ll plan and write the draft copy, sending it first to you and then your customer for review and approval. I always allow for a set of amends from each party in my quote, so let me know if you want to make some changes.

Delivery of your case study

I supply your final copy in a Word document. Please tell me if you’d like further help with presentation – for example as a PDF. I involve a trusted designer at this point.

Remember: your case studies will serve you for years. Use them on your website, give them to your sales team, add them to marketing brochures, offer them to trade press, showcase them on social media.

Typical pricing

Following my tried and tested method, I charge £650.00 (+VAT) to project manage and create one case study. Should your requirements deviate from my usual method, let’s talk and I’ll provide a quote for you.

Remember: consider what a new customer is worth to you financially.


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Questions you might have

How do I ask my customer to get involved?

Having used my method with many clients, this has never been a problem. People love talking about themselves and what they’ve achieved!

Pick up the phone to your customer or send them a short email. If you’ve not been in touch for a while, it’s a great reason to catch up with them. Explain that you want to showcase their story to others – it’s very much about them, not you.

I’ll need no more than 45 minutes of their time and they’ll get to approve the copy before it’s published. So, there’s no hassle and no risk.

You’ll probably find they’re pleased to be asked. And it’s a nice bit of PR for their business too.


How long will it take you to write my case studies?

The timescale is always dependent on your deadlines, my availability, and the availability of your customer. From having an in-depth call with your customer, I’ll aim to create the draft copy within ten days. Approval takes longer when there are more people involved. Rest assured, I’ll keep chasing for you.


How do you recommend I use my case studies? 

Well-written case studies are such an engaging read, so use them whenever you can. Here’s a list of ideas:

  • Put them on your website and link to them from various areas of your website
  • Showcase them across social media. You might also tag the customer so they can comment on the post
  • Highlight them to your email list
  • Create branded PDFs your sales team can use
  • Distribute them at shows and events
  • Create a booklet of them
  • Talk to trade press and magazines to see if they’d like to use them
  • Show them to your suppliers
  • Make your entire team aware of them


How many case studies do I need?

There’s no perfect number and it depends on your budget too. Given their long shelf-life, you can gradually build up your library over time. I’ve seen businesses with just three and others with thirty.

Create case studies around different products or sectors of your business. Or focus on different customer types. We can chat about this when you’re ready.


Can’t I just get some shorter testimonials?

There’s a place for testimonials. And I’m a fan of short customer quotes among copy. But in-depth success stories are incredibly powerful. If your prospective customer can clearly see how you’ve helped others (and imagine themselves in that situation) they’ll feel more confident in choosing you as a supplier.

Also, my clients quite often gain snappy quotes and brief testimonials from reworking parts of a case study. A bonus that’s easy to achieve.


Do we really have to involve my customer? Can’t I just give you the detail?

No. Your prospective customers will feel more connected to the story when it’s told in your customer’s words. Instead of writing ‘Mr Jones was delighted with our service,” let Mr Jones explain this in his own words – it’s far more believable.


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