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Brochure copywriter

A brochure copywriter shines light on your value.

In a digitally dominated world, beautiful brochures stand out and portray your business value to those that matter.

But you need more than a great brochure design, you need the right words too.

Don’t let John from the office cobble something together on a Friday afternoon!

Brochure copywriting is different to writing for the digital world. No Google. No scrolling. No fear of clicking elsewhere. Brochures hang around on desks - they look fabulous and command interest. If you’re lucky, they prompt a phone call.

Punchy headlines, pull-out statements, feature bullet points - it all makes your brochure much more engaging.


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How it works: brochure copywriter


Firstly, I'll need to understand what you need. For example, your brochure size and structure, whether you have a designer involved, and any existing brand guidelines. No two brochures are the same, so my fee will be tailored to your needs.

At this stage, we’ll also discuss your timeframe and my availability.

How we start

There will plenty of planning and many questions on my part. Who’s your target audience? What’s the objective of your brochure? How will it be used?

It’s important we develop a copy structure from the outset, ensuring everything flows from page to page.

Whether you have old content to draw from or prefer a fresh approach, I’m happy to start where you choose.

The good news is, I’m a marketer too. I understand the wider commercial importance of your shiny new literature. So, we’ll create something that hits the spot.

Writing the brochure copy

As your brochure copywriter, I’ll capture your message in the style we agree and ensure it resonates with your audience.

Headlines, feature sections, and bullet lists are all part of the job. They’re important to create something that’s a pleasure to read – nobody likes a dense page of copy.

Should a rough design be in place, my copy will dovetail into it.


On receipt of draft copy, you’ll want to review it carefully. That’s why I always include a set of amends in every quote. You can approve your brochure copy outright or ask me to adjust the areas that are not quite perfect. Because perfection is where we’re heading.

Typical pricing

I don’t offer a set price for brochure copywriting. You might want a couple of one-page flyers or “War and Peace”. I can help you with both.

As a rough rule of thumb, a six-page brochure would cost from £1,000, depending very much on the planning involved and the format of the brochure.

By contacting me, you can determine if I’m the brochure copywriter for you and gain a clearer idea of your project price.


Shall we discuss your brochure copywriting needs?

Contact me


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Questions you might have

How long will it take you to write my brochure copy?

We’ll agree on timescales early on. A planning phase is typical for brochure copywriting - before a single word is written.

Once I’ve got a clear copy structure, I can work on the copywriting. For a brochure up to eight pages, I’ll write it all together. For larger brochures, I’ll suggest breaking it into phases.

I’d expect to write an eight-page brochure within two weeks of agreeing the copy structure.

Short notice projects are possible (dependent on my existing commitments) but I might need to charge a premium to turn it round for you. Please aim to give me as much notice as you can.


What if I don’t like the copy you write for me?

This is a rare situation, but it does highlight the importance of providing a clear brief. I can only work from the objectives you provide me with. I cannot mindread (yet).

If you're unsure exactly what you need, don't worry, I'll ask plenty of questions to help you clarify this. Please take the time to check you are clear at this stage!

When you receive your draft brochure copy from me, review it carefully, and provide any amendments and comments clearly. I allow for one set of amendments in my pricing and always work hard to ensure you’re totally happy with your copy.

Remember: you’re hiring a brochure copywriter to do a job they’re skilled in. Whilst we always expect tweaks to suit your style, or to clarify points correctly, do respect our ability to write your copy. It’s what you’re paying us for.


Can you just tidy up the copy I’ve written?

‘Tidying up’ someone else’s brochure copy is rather like adjusting a pair of trousers that don’t fit properly. It can take as much time as making them from scratch (yes, I can sew).

Please don’t see this as a cheaper option: “John can write some copy and we’ll find a copywriter to ‘check’ it.” Instead, see your words as an excellent starting point and let me do my job properly for you. It always reaps rewards.

Got a question?

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