Why you can’t entirely hand over your marketing

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When, like me, you have carried out freelance marketing for long enough, you’ll come to realise that there are two types of client – more actually, but two that I’m going to highlight in this post. The first type sees marketing as something that someone “does”, whilst the second type understands that marketing cannot be achieved in isolation and needs to be fully integrated into all aspects of the business – whatever its size.

Someone is “doing” my marketing for me

You might think that this idea is a little old hat, but believe me, there are still plenty of businesses that look to hire outside help to “do” their marketing. In one way, that makes perfect sense, whilst in another, it doesn’t and never should. Let me become a little clearer.

It can be extremely proactive to admit that your marketing is not being covered effectively in-house and that you need to identify an outsourced marketing route. Bringing in the skills and knowledge that you might not have, whilst ensuring that there’s sufficient resource available is a positive move. But my concern is for the companies that assume their input will not be required once that skill is hired. Granted, it will provide a driving force for better marketing, but not entirely on its own.

Not only will that outsourced marketing resource need regular input to ensure the best results, some activities will need to involve those within the company and become fully integrated with other key activities. I can highlight this with the following examples:

  • A marketing campaign to build awareness in a new market, ahead of the sales team getting involved
  • A marketing communications plan that will incorporate company developments, thoughts from the business and activities by employees – using channels such as PR, email, social media, mail and online
  • The creation of a new company image that needs to integrate throughout all communication points, from the website and literature to business cards, invoices and email signatures

Teamwork and communication ensure the best marketing

The above examples demonstrate the importance of businesses not developing the attitude of “handing over” their marketing and feeling that no further contribution is required to get optimum results. That is a certain way for both sides to become frustrated. Of course, the main workload gets handed to the marketing resource and their experience and skills should be drawn on when deciding the best route to take. But regular contribution and involvement will be necessary.

So, opt for a freelance marketer or outsourced marketing resource that suits your business structure and that you and can work with!

At Cantaloupe, we work hard to maintain a great relationship with all our clients and develop a system that specifically works for them. This generally involves a bit of teamwork from time to time and a good dose of healthy communication, allowing us to be the best that we can be for them. If you’d like to chat through your marketing requirements, please do get in touch.