Why doing nothing is never an option

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I’ve been talking to some smaller businesses recently and it is quite clear that to forge ahead with a programme of marketing can often seem like a big decision. It can be an investment that they’re not met before – particularly if this is their first attempt at developing a more formalised plan for their marketing. But too much delay and deliberation at this point can be a detrimental step.

Start as you mean to go on

It can be a tricky decision to make, especially if it is not an area that you are familiar with. You might be more confident in buying a new piece of equipment or hiring a new member of the team – both costly and necessary decisions – positive contributions to the growth of the business in fact.

And that is exactly what the right formula of marketing is – a positive contribution to the growth of your business.

But it can still seem extremely daunting!

“Bite sized chunks” is something I am fond of saying in many areas of life. Whilst the big picture is always good to see, there is no harm in breaking it down into bite sized chunks so that it is more achievable for you. You’ll get there all the same, it’s just a mind game really.

One thing leads to another

Lengthy deliberation about how and when to commence with further marketing is not productive at all. Declaring that you are too busy to think about at the moment it is also not productive at all. In fact, when you’re busy is exactly the time to be pushing ahead with your marketing! Indecision such as this can see you fall backwards at a time when your competitors are moving forwards.

But there is no need to think that everything needs to be done at once. I’ve worked with many clients over the years that decide to start with one small project and then move on to another and another. Over time, they become more confident of the purpose and benefit of their marketing and eventually, it becomes a most valuable and integrated part of their business operations – but on their own terms and in a way that they can manage.

Good marketing practice will always see one thing leading to another.

Taking the first step

Appreciating that, as your business grows, you cannot possibly manage all aspects of the business yourself or within your tight-knit team is an important point to get to. Hiring and forming partnerships with specialists will ensure that you can continue with your growth plan, without working even more ridiculous hours. Using specialists is a smarter move too, as they can bring fresh thinking and much experience to your door, ensuring a better result.

But choose that specialist carefully. Where marketing is concerned, don’t get pushed into a package or a standard way or doing things. Your business is not standard! It deserves a bespoke approach and you must feel confident that you can work with the people involved. Choose a marketing company that will value you as a client and offer you the flexibility that you desire.

In this way, you’ll no longer want to do nothing. What a result that would be.

If you’d like to chat through your marketing conundrum with me, please do get in touch.