Why a marketer makes a great copywriter

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I’m a freelance marketer. I’m also a freelance copywriter. If you want maximum effect, the two go perfectly hand-in-hand. This post will explain why. 

The origin of copywriters tends to be two-fold. You’ll find those that started life in journalism, most at home writing editorial for magazines and newspapers. They’re great at uncovering the story and getting the quote.

On the flip side, you’ll come across marketers that have developed their strengths in commercial copywriting over the years. They’re trained to communicate with a target audience and the written word is one incredibly important way of doing this.

Getting the message across

What type of freelance copywriter you prefer to hire will partly depend on the nature of the copy you require. Most commercial copy however, will need to convey a clear message:

“We’re a new business and we can help you.”

“We’ve launched a new product.”

“This is what we can do for you – get in touch!”

“Please understand that we’re experts at this.”

“We’ve got just the experience you’re looking for.”

Enter the marketer. It’s like choosing someone that speaks your language. They’ll understand, they’ll empathise, they might even have some fresh ideas for you. You don’t just want good words, you want your objective achieved. And that comes down to effectively delivering the right message, loud and clear.

An experienced marketer has probably come up against your challenges before and addressed them with the use of numerous marketing tools. They will understand that copy is part of the bigger picture to deliver positive results. It’s no good in isolation though. Just like great design is useless without compelling copy. Fancy a website with no words? A brochure with no images?

Adding marketing value to your copywriting

There’s one other key reason why choosing a marketer for your freelance copywriting is a smart idea. They come with additional skills that can save you time. Take me as an example. I don’t just write blogs, I post them onto the client’s website. I don’t just write a press release, I circulate it to key press contacts and complete follow-up calls. I don’t just write web copy, I work with the web agency to project manage the launch of your new site.

You might not require all this added value. But it’s there. Pick and mix if you like. In a world where we increasingly have to multi-skill, make sure that your support network has this ability too. 

Should you want to chat about my freelance copywriting services, I’d be delighted to do so. And if my freelance marketing is of interest, we can discuss that too.