Where do we go from here?

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Is it down to the lake, I fear? No, that’s a song lyric. I mean with our work together! It’s a question I’m often asked. So, whilst every client is different, I’ll give you a rough idea. The best answer is ALWAYS just to get in touch with me.

You’re ready. You have a project in mind. You need someone like me involved.


But, you’re not sure how this goes. Maybe you’re not familiar with hiring outside help. I'll let you into a little secret: you’ll find it surprisingly easy. You’ll wonder why you’ve not done it before.

In a couple of steps, we’ll be underway.

Step one: get in touch

OK, that’s pretty obvious. You might choose to send me an email or pick up the phone. Either way, be as clear as you can on what you need (even if you’re not entirely sure yet).

Depending on the size of your project, there’s going to be some initial discussion about the scope of it. I know you’ll be keen to secure a price, but for that, I first need a bit of detail.

Whenever possible, my fees are project-based. This tends to be clearer for both of us. If you need a regular level of work, let’s chat, as there are other ways to manage things.

Following our initial discussion, if you need help with determining your strategy, I’ll build this into the project. Either way, I’ll make my fees clear to you at this stage.

Once we’ve agreed on terms, it's on to step two.

Step two: information gathering

Whatever your project, I’ll get to know your business first. Sometimes this is possible with a phone call and a couple of emails. For other projects, it might mean a longer video call, or if you’re local, a face-to face meeting. This will have been costed into the overall fee. There are no surprises.

Please remember that you know your company inside out, and I’m learning. Fast. Please give me as much information as you can and answer my questions fully. It all helps the success of your project. Dependent on your brief, we’re likely to cover areas such as:

  • Your business background
  • Your current operations
  • Your objectives for this project
  • Your business USPs (why you’re so great)
  • Your target audience and your customers
  • Any brand guidelines concerning artwork and copy

Step three: it’s teamwork

By now, I’ll have a detailed plan of the work to follow and a clear idea of timescale. Please don’t be a ghost and expect me to deliver!

I know you’re involving me to lessen your load. And I will. But there’ll be information to clarify, feedback required on stages of work, and final approval to confirm. Without these, your project will sloooow down. Neither of us wants that.

Remember: we’re a team. We’re on the same side.

Together, we’ll deliver in droves.

Want the cheapest option?

If that question is key to you, we might not be a great fit.

Cheap copy can always be found via websites such as Fiverr and Upwork. They serve their purpose, but they’re not for me. Or my clients.

Cheapest rarely equals best, or most effective.

You’ll welcome the productive relationship we develop. You’ll be glad of my 20+ years’ experience of marketing and copywriting.

You might even be glad of my…err… more senior years (I’m not that old though), and my experience of life (it helps when copywriting. Really).

I know I’m great value. I know I frequently deliver more than I set out to. I know my clients would recommend me (apart from Mr Jones at Jones & Co…*joke*…!)

I’m not “the cheapest”. If you want to pay £20 an hour for a copywriter, sorry, not here.

There, we’ve got it out the way. Cleared the air.

That said, I’m not expensive either. Working directly with a freelancer is an intelligent choice. Skill and knowledge per pound (sterling, not weight) is high.

Adds value, great investment, friendly team player – these are the sorts of labels I aspire to (and I think, deliver).

Like what I do? Tell your friends

If you choose to involve me in your work, and you’re delighted with the outcome, please tell someone. Anyone! Your Mum. Your neighbour. A business associate. Yes, the last one, please. It’s a favour I hope I’ll have earned from you.

A huge amount of my work comes from word-of-mouth. It’s a great position to be in. But I need to keep you all talking. Maybe you could write me a recommendation on LinkedIn or mention me to your networking group. All told, I’d be grateful for either.

Step four: do it all again!

Next time you have a marketing or copywriting project, you’ll know who to contact. We’ll have worked together. I’ll be up to speed on your business and I’ll jump to it.

Having skilled people in the wings of your business is a tremendous asset. And a smart choice. My clients are smart, and I help them keep it that way.

Want to chat?

Email: anna@cantaloupemarketing.co.uk

You'll find all my contact details here.