What does your logo say about your company?

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It’s something that all businesses have but not all will give it the respect it deserves. It's just a logo, right? Wrong! Your logo is a fundamental part of your company’s identity and character, whatever size business you are. Get it right and it can help to communicate some very strong messages about your company, without the recipient consciously knowing. 

So, let's break it down and consider some of the component parts. 

Fonts that talk your language

It's likely that your logo will have some type within it, whether that's your company name or perhaps an abbreviation. Maybe you incorporate a strapline? There are simply hundreds of fonts to consider and yet many will fall into certain categories and offer subliminal messages.

For example, you might be a bit of an old-fashioned company, or at least wish to portray this style of image. Many serif fonts can serve you well in this instance. But if you’re wishing to present a more contemporary image, or perhaps a forward-thinking stance, focus more closely on a simplistic font style that offers this modern feel. A more casual style of company image can demand yet another set of fonts and a very formal style, something different again.  Think also about your target audience. If your industry is very male oriented, you might benefit from a bolder feel to your logo whereas a more feminine oriented business might look at softer lines and more detail.

This is all very broad-brush and exactly the reason that you need to involve the right design specialists to help you reach your end goal.

The power of colour

You might have the luxury of working with a combination of colours that quite simply, you like. However certain industries tend to lean towards a given colour palette. For example, dentists and health care companies are more commonly using many shades of blue against white in their logos. It doesn't mean that you always have to be entirely dictated to in such a situation, but you might wish to consider what image is going to resonate best with your target audience. I'm not sure how I'd feel about my dentist sporting a lime green or bright red logo for example!

Just like fonts, colours can help to support the character of the company and the two need to depict the same thing. Old fashioned, contemporary, casual, corporate, quirky, retro, the list could go on. And your customers might sub-consciously read something into your character from the colours that you use. For example, a forest green and gold logo would tend to suggest an old-fashioned style (or an outdated logo!). If this is not the message you wish to portray, you might want to do something different.

Image or not?

Some of the best logos are remarkably simple. Think of some of our largest companies and organisations and you appreciate some very subtle styling. But this would have been done deliberately and with huge consideration. Sometimes less character in your logo is the right choice, allowing your company personality to come across in other methods of communication.

But there are many times when a graphic can really enhance a logo and help to better communicate the message. I personally like such graphics to be very simple and subtle. Think how small your logo might be used and how that image would look. But also, consider how large it could be displayed – on an exhibition display for example.

Use a graphic or image when it works. Know what it is contributing to the logo and ensure that it synchronises with other elements.

Help! Our logo does none of this!

Rest assured you are not alone. Businesses small and large are constantly assessing and evolving their company image and the personality that they wish to portray. It's a great discipline to question it from time to time and not take it for granted.

A company like Cantaloupe can guide you carefully through the process of logo design and revamping your company image. We can ask you the right questions, establish the right design brief and be on hand at every stage of the decision-making process. If you’d like to talk to us about your company image, please do get in touch and we can happily show you some examples of our work.