What a new keyboard teaches you about change

500 new keyboard.jpg

I bought a new keyboard recently. Nothing too fancy. Just something to replace my ancient friend that I’ve typed the life out of. Its service was over ages ago, but still, I kept typing. Even when some of the letters disappeared (the odd one starting to stick).

So, the new keyboard arrived in its pristine box (thank you Amazon). I eagerly connected it up to my PC, fingers poised.

First sentence typed, I didn’t like it!

Wider than my dear old friend, I kept missing the letters. Happy became Hakky. And Sunshine became Sunshund. This was not good at all. The new, shiny keyboard also sat at a slightly different angle. Did I need to fiddle with my desk height too?

I didn’t like it. I wanted my old one back. The sorry looking one that was probably slowing me down in all honesty.

But I didn’t swap back, and here’s why.

Change comes with less comfort

I think you’ll agree that none of us really like change. The safety and ease of our regular routines and regular activities feels good. Do you always eat the same thing for breakfast? Do you always park in the same place? Prefer to sit on the same side of the sofa? Me too.

But here’s the thing: if you never change anything, nothing changes. And in business, that’s not a good situation.

Change is necessary and inevitable, whatever you do.

The rapid evolution of marketing

When it comes to marketing, things are always changing. Technology developments open up new communication methods. Consumer trends create new customer groups. New entrants to your market present additional competitive risk. Wherever you look, things keep changing.

Yet, too many businesses get stuck in their tracks. They have set ways of doing things, with particular people responsible for certain activities. “We’ve always done it this way” can no longer be an excuse.

Perhaps you’ve always attended a particular trade show. Or advertised in a certain magazine. Maybe John’s always written your blogs and Steve has always managed your social media. Your email programme just rolls on and on, using the same template and the same principles. It’s how you do things, right?

Blinkers on a horse mean anything to you?

It’s great to continue with the same activities if they’re working (do you monitor this?) and if you cannot achieve better results elsewhere. But without an element of change, you’ll never know!

To keep moving your business forward, change is inevitable and necessary. It might feel awkward. It might take more thought. It can be challenging. But it’s necessary if your business is to develop. In fact, it can be necessary for your business to stand still!

So, my new keyboard told me a lot about change. And with a bit more time, I might even PREFER it to my ancient one. I might even send my old one to the keyboard heaven at the tip. And most importantly, I might actually see a productivity increase in my typing. More achieved for the same effort. That’s what it’s about, surely?

Have you got an area of marketing you want to change? I’m all ears.

Get in touch and we’ll take it from there.