Marketing tasks to do when you're not busy

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We all tend to live life in the fast lane these days and many tasks can constantly be put to the back of the queue. But when that list is a little shorter (and we do all get days or even hours like this from time to time), here’s some thoughts on a few constructive things to do where your marketing is concerned.

Schedule tweets using archive posts

Content is valuable. We tend to write it, tweet it and share it, then promptly forget it! But if the content was in a blog post and non-timely, it might still be very relevant and interesting six months on. So why not dig a few links out and tweet the content again? You could even craft an email in the same way, giving recipients another chance to read some insightful and helpful content. This is great when you offer advice or guidance that can help their own business for example.

Review your email statistics

You might focus on getting the emails out, but do you spend enough time looking at the performance in terms of open rates, clicks and shares? Identifying trends can help you to do a better job in the future and create emails that are more in tune with your target audience.

Improve weak copy on your website

I’m quite sure that they will be areas of your website that fall short! This might be in terms of the facts being out of date or perhaps in the quality of the copy or the fact that it is not optimised for your SEO efforts. Highlight some offending areas and commit to make it better. If you need outside help, that could be a job for Cantaloupe.

Talk to a few customers

You may have a customer satisfaction or feedback system in place. You may not. Either way, some impromptu phone calls to a few friendly customers can pay dividends. Ask them what they like about your marketing – and what they don’t. Learn from their feedback so that you can do a better job.

What are your competitors up to?

Again, you might have a system to monitor your competition or perhaps not. Take some time to look at them online. What are they talking about? What’s new? How are they performing on social media and in the press? Who is following them? We’re not suggested that you replicate your competition but this is valuable market intelligence that helps you in so many ways.

Get your files in order

And if you really have a quiet spell, take some time to organise your electronic and hard copy files better, so that the information is to hand when you need it in a hurry. Image files are always a good place to start. Delete or archive outdated ones and get them into the correct files. Review any stashes of market research data (even bookmarks on your browser) and get them in order. Perhaps seen as mundane tasks, they will save you hours of searching for the right thing at some point in the future – and we’ve all been there a few times!