Are you making the right impression?

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It’s really useful to take time and stand back from it all once in a while and ask yourself if your business is actually making the right impression amongst your target audience. Here’s a few helpful points to ponder. 

Keeping to the point

Are you and your team clear as to what your company stands for? It’s amazing how many people say no to that question. If you’re confused, the image that you portray will be confusing too. Take some time to discuss and note down the key strengths and features of your business. Think about who you’re generally talking to and whether that matches who you envisage your target audience to be. 

Do you look the part?

You might have some incredible strengths and expert services but if your image doesn’t match your competences, it’s missing the point. This could be your corporate identity, the design and content of your website, the style of your copy or perhaps your literature. It might even include the signage on your building. Establish some priorities to address if a few gaps need to be filled in. 

Keep in touch in the right way

In what way and how often you communicate with your customers and your prospects will depend on many things such as the nature of your business, what your competition is up to and the size and motivations of your own team. Communicating is always a good way to reinforce your key messages, whether it’s to loyal customers or a particular target audience that you want to try and reach more. Be realistic in your goals here – a single piece of communication is rarely sufficient to make the impression that you want to or prompt action. Develop a clear plan of activity that highlights who you want to communicate with, why, what you want to say and how you’re going to do this. Plan in some review of the results too and ongoing refinement. The most effective communication will synchronise the activity across a number of channels, reaching the best possible audience in the right way for them. 

Face to face impressions

It can be most constructive to review how you and your team handle meetings every so often. Is it consistent with your company image and style? Are you using consistent sales and presentation materials at meetings? Do you believe that you’re doing the company justice when face to face with customers and prospects? It’s so easy to take your eye off the ball and discover that your sales team have developed some slightly different objectives and communication messages to your marketing team!! 

The common thread is that the best impression is made when it is consistent across all communication and presentation channels. But more than that, it needs to be the right messages and identity for your company, delivered in the right way for your target audience. It’s common sense when you think about it, and a little bit of thought can prove to be highly beneficial.