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My freelance marketing career


A bit of a personal insight into my freelance career that evolved into the creation of Cantaloupe. I go back to 2000 and explain my practical experience and skill-set in more detail - useful if you'd like to consider Cantaloupe for your marketing, interesting if you just want to know more.



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What a new keyboard teaches you about change


It’s funny where your clarity of thought can come from. For me, a new keyboard highlighted something that we all fear at some point…change. And this is what I want to discuss. Because we must all manage it in our marketing.


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Where do we go from here?


Is it down to the lake, I fear? No, that’s a song lyric. I mean with our work together! It’s a question I’m often asked. So, whilst every client is different, I’ll give you a rough idea. The best answer is ALWAYS just to get in touch with me.

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Feast or famine? I’ve been there too


I know how it is. When your order book is full, it feels great. You’re busy getting stuff out the door. No time for prospecting now! But that’s exactly when you should be doing something. Otherwise, a deadly famine might be on the way. Here are some practical thoughts on developing a regular prospecting system that operates even when you’re stacked out.

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Did automation compromise my authenticity?


I tested some automated software on my Twitter account recently. And it got me thinking. How much automation is too much? And will automation water down, or even remove, our authenticity? As businesses and, dare I say it, as people. Let me explain…

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How to help your customers weather the storm


Are you getting bombarded by (now) irrelevant messaging? Discounts from stores you can no longer get to? Incentives that seem rather, well, trivial in the grand scheme of things? There’s a BIG point to learn from this…

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