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Why people unsubscribe from your email marketing list


You can read all the how-to guides you like. You can speak to all the “experts” that you can find. Nothing will beat a common-sense approach to your email marketing if you want it to make a difference. This article discusses some of the reasons that prompt your recipients to unsubscribe and provides practical thought on how to avoid it happening.

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Marketing in 1996 - was it so different?


When a visit from the BT man and inevitable internet and phone silence whilst a fault is fixed, prompts me to consider how marketing actually survived and indeed prospered, back in 1996. Was it really so different then? I can actually remember!


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Given up on email marketing? You’re missing a trick.


Remember the 24th and 25th May? We grimaced as our inboxes groaned beyond belief. Privacy policy updates and eleventh-hour requests for consent ahead of GDPR kicking in. Has the EU just killed off email marketing? Not likely – and nor should you. Here’s why.

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How to keep your message clear when your business grows


I’ve seen it many times. Whilst it started well, your key message can all-too-often become rather muddled as your business expands. The result? Confused employees and customers, which affects the performance of your business. Read how to recognise and address this issue, ensuring that everyone knows exactly what your business does.

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You’ve launched your new website. Now what?


If you’ve gone through the lengthy process of launching a new website, you’ll know the elation (and relief) that comes when it goes live! But that’s just the start of it. There are many ways that your website can, and should, work harder for you. Here’s a list of points to focus on after you’ve celebrated your launch.

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How to know your customers better (and why it matters)


You’ll have customers. You might have them logged in a CRM system. Name, address, email, customer type, products purchased. But do you know them? In this post, I’ll explain how you can get to know your valuable customers better. And why this will help you grow your business.

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Top tips for price communication


Does talking price make you uncomfortable? Do you fear they’ll think your prices are too high and not do business with you? Stop creating a hurdle to jump over. Here’s some sound advice to help you handle the communication of your prices better.

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HTML or plain-text email: which gets better results?


It’s a question that often gets asked. And if you want the short answer, there’s not a definitive one. I’m not going to get techie here, but I am going to consider different email formats in terms of marketing effectiveness for your business. And that might help you.

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23 ways to use your customer stories


If you’re reading this, you’d probably agree customer stories are worth their weight in gold. Your prospects can more easily connect with a customer’s journey (than a sales pitch). It’s a story they can relate to.

But I don’t want to focus on their worth, I want to highlight how to get more return from your investment. How you can use (and repurpose) customer stories in countless ways to support your sales and marketing team. And your wider business team too.

So, stop dumping customer stories on your website and hoping for the best. Discover how they can work harder and make more impact.

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11 ideas for B2B articles


You’re stuck for article ideas. The cursor’s blinking and you’ve nothing to give. It’s a common (and very unwelcome) scenario.

Let this article come to your aid. It’s my list of ideas to help you fill your content plan. Top tip: bookmark this page.

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How to choose a fantastic eBook topic (that your audience loves)


I don’t have a statistic. But I do know countless eBooks fail to achieve their objective. Maybe it’s 79%. That feels about right. All that time and money for little return. If you’re in marketing, you’ll know what I mean.

So, why do some eBooks go viral while others flop? Good question. I believe it’s down to three things: having the right topic, creating it effectively, and promoting it well.

This article should help you with the first of those: having the right topic. Because, without that, you’re onto a non-starter, however pretty and well-written it is.

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How to harness thought leadership in your B2B content marketing


Not long ago, B2B thought leadership wasn’t a concept. Instead, suppliers relied on feature lists and pricing to engage with their protective customers. Today, everything’s changed. I look at thought leadership and how it can support your B2B content marketing.

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